Eating Heavy & Drinking Excessive Water Doesn’t Prevent Hangovers

drinking water for hangover

Canada: You’ll hear people raving about drinking excessive amount of water or eating heavy right after drinking heavily to prevent hangover, but a recent research study found

Standing 2 Hours A Day is Good For Health

Standing Desk For Health

A new research has revealed that standing for at least 2 hours a day at work is highly imperative to remain fit and healthy. It helps you

Cancer in Women: Signs & Symptoms That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

cancer in women

It’s a human tendency to live in denial mode when encountering various health conditions. Specially young women do not take recommended health checkups seriously that generally lead

Kids Diarrhea Drug Can Cure Hangover, New Find

Hangover cures

A common infant medicine is trending in the west as a cure for hangover. According to a report published in the Independent, sales of Pedialyte medicine in

Best Cancer Hospitals in India

best cancer hospitals in India

With over 474500 people dying of cancer every year, it has become the leading causes of deaths in India, and poor state of cancer treatment facilities and

Health Gadgets: Most Eagerly Awaited Ones This Year

google contact lens

It’s quite unfortunate that majority of most awaited health gadgets are still undergoing development stage and it will take some time for them to be released in

Cancer Claims 1300 Indian Lives A Day

cancer treatment india

New Delhi: According to a new research report published by the Indian Council of Medical Research, nearly 1300 indians die every day because of different types of

Reduce Diabetes Risk By Having 4 Eggs A Week, Study

eggs for diabetes

In several research studies it is already proven that diabetics must have eggs in their diet because the nutrients it poses helps in controlling blood sugar levels.

Diabetes Prevention With These Simple Tips

diabetes prevention tips

Diabetes is inevitable for those living a sedentary lifestyle with no regular physical exercise to speak of and a body full of stress. Preventing diabetes is a

Metformin Side Effects: Prolonged Use Lead To Severe Side Effects

metformin side effects

Metformin is a frontline diabetic drug prescribed by doctors to improve insulin resistance in the body. It is one of the most popular medicine for type-2 diabetes