Strong Muscles Lead to Sharper Brain – Study

woman lift weight while sitting

Muscle growth not only makes you physically strong but could improve your brain function, too! That’s the conclusion of a new study by led by the University

Alcohol Plus Energy Drinks May Affect Adolescent Brains Same As Cocaine


Consuming highly caffeinated beverages mixed with alcohol may have impact on the adolescent brain similar to taking cocaine, claims a new study. Adding to the growing evidence

Stroke Risk Higher for Younger Pregnant Women, Study Finds

pregnant women

Young women, take note! Those who get pregnant at a young age may be at greater risk of suffering a stroke. That’s the conclusion of a new

Daily Aerobic Exercise May Help Seniors With Memory Issues – Study


Health benefits associated with active lifestyle are plenty, we all know that, right? For years we have known that regular exercise not only improves physical health but

Hip Replacement Surgery Doesn’t Improve Physical Activity – Study


Have you ever wondered how many people return to an active lifestyle after hip replacement surgery? Or to what extent a patient’s mobility improves following this surgical

Onion Compound, ONA, May Help Fight Ovarian Cancer – Study


Health benefits of consuming onions are plenty, thanks to an abundance of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants naturally present in this pungent vegetable. While many of you already

Zyra Vital – Green Coffee Pills That Work Fast For Weight Loss & Fat Loss.


What is the best weight loss solution? Is it safe to use weight loss supplement? If you are dangerously overweight or obese, you have definitely asked these

Zyra Vital – Lose Stubborn Body Fat Naturally & Healthily


As more and more people are leading sedentary lifestyles, the percentage of those suffering from chronic disease like heart diseases and obesity are growing as well. Obesity

Slimvitalis & Detoxfastplus : A Breakthrough Combo for Those Who Strive to Shed Weight


Obesity is one of the major problem people are suffering with nowadays. With the development of latest technologies, everyone has become dependent on machines to do almost

Now Shed Those Extra Pounds Without Sweating It Out in Gym


A stupendous number of people are dealing with obesity today and looking for a promising way out to get rid of this chronic problem. Everyone of us