Wonder Food! Barley Can Cut Your Blood Sugar Levels, Diabetes Risk


Do you have a family history of diabetes? You can’t change your family history, but fret not, scientists have found a high-fibre superfood that may aid in

Baby’s Asthma Risk Amplifies If Mom Uses Paracetamol During Pregnancy


Babies whose mothers used paracetamol during pregnancy are more likely to develop asthma in early years of their life, according to a new study. The study, led

Want to Lose Those Extra Kilos and Cut Cholesterol? Eat Walnuts!


A good news for all you dieters out there. Those who have been trying to lose weight by totally relying on low-fat diet, salads and green tea

New Sunscreen Lets Body Produce Vitamin D With UV Protection


The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation is both the biggest source of vitamin D and the major cause of skin cancer. While get most of our vitamin D

IAF Pilots Use “Go/No-Go Pills” to Stay Alert & Free of Fatigue During Combat Exercises


Pilots in the Indian Air Force (IAF) have found a new weapon to fend off fatigue, stay alert and improve their performance during combat exercises. Go and

Life-saving Potential of Honey! Can Kill Harmful Fungus


Honey has been used in food, medicine and beauty products since ancient times. Thanks to its healing properties, honey is used to treat multiple conditions and disorders

New Moms Who Sleep With Babies Are More Likely to Breastfeed for Longer


From time to time, several health organizations launch campaign to encourage first-time mothers to breastfeed exclusively for six months as it contains antibodies that help newborn babies

US Lawyers Have Serious Booze & Mental Health Problems – Study


You probably won’t believe it but American lawyers, especially younger ones, have serious problems with booze and depression. A new study has uncovered that alcohol abuse has

A Single Blood Test May Detect 5 Deadly Cancers At Early Stages – Study


Scientists in the United States claim to have identified a specific chemical signature in tumour DNA that they assert could lead to the development of a simple

Meditation Eases Pain, Anxiety & Fatigue During Breast Cancer Biopsy- Study

Yoga silhouette of a young couple on the beach at sunset.

Breast cancer patients who experience anxiety, pain and fatigue related to their breast biopsy may find relief in meditation and music, suggests a new study. Breast cancer