Obesity in Adulthood Ups Sudden Cardiac Death Risk – Study


Obesity is a burgeoning health issue and in some countries it has reached the epidemic proportions. This chronic health condition neither goes away by itself nor can

Frequent Use of High-strength ‘skunk weed’ Can Damage Brain


Smoking cannabis is already known to cause some neurological problems like impairment of working memory and short-term memory as well as impairment of concentration. Cannabis, also known

Losing Sexual Desire After Just One Year of Relationship? Here’s Why


Are you married but unhappy with your sex life? Are you in your second year of relationship but lost interest in sex? Well, here are the answer

Attention Diabetics!! Have Cocoa, Green Tea to Fight the Disease


Consumption of cocoa and green tea is widely believed to be beneficial for human health. Intake of cocoa can help reduce the risk of heart attack and

Beware Heart Patients! Too Much Sitting Can Worsen Your Health


Probably we all know that prolonged sitting is bad for our health and physical exercise makes us physically strong and smart. Now researchers at the University of

Wheelchair Users More Likely to Die in Killer Car Crash, Study Warns


Wheelchair-bound pedestrians are more at risk of dying from car collisions than other pedestrians, a new study has warned.   Researchers from Georgetown University’s School of Medicine

Alert! Too Much Stress Can Cause Skin Problems

drinking water for hangover

Probably we all know that stress can provoke health problems, such as high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and in some cases heart disease. But not many of

Loneliness Can Up Early Death Risk – Study


Loneliness is linked to several problems like sleep disruption, high blood pressure, weaker immunity system, depression, alcoholism etc. Now a new research suggests that feeling isolated is

Text Messages May Curb Binge Drinking in Teenagers

text messaging

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine developed a text-based intervention that they claim can curb binge drinking and alcohol-related injuries in teenagers. The one-of-its-kind

Unable to Lose Weight? Blame it on a Protein That Blocks Your Efforts to Lose Weight


For obese or overweight people, losing weight isn’t always easy and the worst part is that they never lose that accumulated fat around their belly even after