Less Sodium Intake Doesn’t Lower Blood Pressure, Study Claims


Eating less salt has been touted for years as an essential of eating a healthy blood pressure diet. But a new U.S. study casts doubt on this

Babies Born Via IVF More Likely to Suffer From Pediatric Cancers


Babies conceived through fertility treatments such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) may be at an increased risk of developing cancer in their early years, finds a large

Study: 45 Minutes of Exercise Keeps Brain Sharp in Older Adults

Exercise Keeps Brain Sharp

Those who are over 50 can keep their brain sharp by doing moderate exercise several times a week, suggests a new study by Australian researchers. The Aussie

This Food Nutrient Conspires With Gut Bacteria To Cause Blood Clots

blood type conversion

A common nutrient found in a variety of foods including meat, eggs and milk together with bacteria in the intestines can boost the odds of risky blood

Four Cups of Coffee Pose No Health Risk, Study Claims

Four Cups of Coffee Pose No Health Risk

There’s welcome news for coffee lovers! Drinking up to four cups of coffee everyday has no health risks, suggests a new study by researchers with the International

Can’t Resist Junk Food? Blame it On Your Genes!


Wonder why you prefer chocolates, burgers, fries and potato chips, or can’t resist grabbing those high fat, and sugary foods? Maybe you should blame your cravings for

Dark Chocolate Can Reverse Ageing of Brain


It’s no secret that the beneficial effects of dark chocolate on brain are plenty. Now much evidence has come to light revealing the brain boosting benefits of

Cycling to Work May Cut Heart Disease, Cancer Risk By Half


The advantages of cycling are plenty, especially when it comes to our cardiovascular health. A new study now adds to this growing evidence, saying cycling to work

Walking Up Stairs Energises You More Than Coffee – Study

climbing stairs

You might think drinking coffee is a great way to give yourself a quick energy boost. But you might be surprised to know that walking up stairs

Female Wine Lovers, Beware! White Wine May Raise Your Risk for Rosacea

White Wine May Raise Your Risk for Rosacea

If you are someone who loves drinking white wine, then this news is for you. A new study claims to have found a potential link between white