Early Life Antibiotic Use May Up Type 1 Diabetes Risk in Kids – Study


Antibiotics are considered important drugs in modern medical arena, often proved effective in restoring health and even saving lives. However like all other drugs, excessive use of

Dengue May Prove Deadly For Heart Patients – Research


It is well known that dengue can make a person seriously sick, leaving him or her bed-ridden for weeks. But this mosquito-borne disease could be even more

Children Should Consume Only 6 Teaspoons of Added Sugar Daily- AHA

sugary drinks

Attention parents! Start keeping track of your kid’s added sugar intake as the American Heart Association has come up with new guidelines for how much sugar children

Genes That Dictate Eye Color Also Determine Your Risk For Eye Cancer


If findings of a new study are to be believed then a person’s eye colour could determine his or her eye cancer risk. A one-of-its-kind study has

Eating Citrus Fruits Could Help Prevent Obesity-related Heart Disease, Diabetes


Citrus fruits come naturally packed with heart-healthy antioxidants, probably we all are aware of this fact. But perhaps not many of us know some of these antioxidants

Having Gallstones May Increase Your Heart Disease Risk – Study


Needless to say, increased age, smoking and excess weight are the leading risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. Now, a massive new study suggests another potential risk factor

Identical Twins Live Longer Lives Than Singletons, Study Finds


Here’s some good news for people who have a twin sister or brother. Twins live longer lives than singletons, suggests a new study from the University of

Calcium Supplements Could Raise Stroke Survivors’ Risk of Dementia


Calcium supplements can help combat brittle bones caused by osteoporosis but these dietary calcium pills may also dramatically increase the risk of dementia in women, a new

New Morphine-like Drug Kills Pain, Without Nasty Side Effects


An international team of scientists claim to have discovered a synthetic drug that can block pain as effectively as opioid pain medication morphine. But what is more

Bananas Could Be Wiped Out Globally Within a Decade


If findings of a recently published study are to be believed then bananas could be wiped out globally within a decade. As per the study, the popular