Short or Long Sleep Duration May Up Men’s Risk of Diabetes


Sufficient sleep, not too much or too little, may help men protect against diabetes, suggests a new study by European researchers. According to the study, sleeping either

Bullying, Excessive Internet Use Up Suicide Risks Among Teens – AAP Report


Suicidal thoughts are common in older teens, and suicide incidents are increasing among this generation. Bullying and cyberbullying should be blamed for the spike in teen suicides,

Compounds in Parsley, Dill Seeds Offer Hope for Cancer Treatment


There are several healing herbs that are Mother Nature’s gift to humanity, and parsley and dill are one among such natural green, leafy vegetables offering an abundance

Pets Can Be Good For Your Heart Health – Study


Older women over age 50 are less likely to die of cardiovascular diseases like stroke if they have a pet, indicates a new study. Researchers examined data

‘Good’ Bacteria May Protect Women From Deadly Breast Cancer

breast cancer

The presence of good and bad bacteria in breast tissue may predict a woman’s risk for breast cancer, suggests a new Canadian study. The study by researchers

Spending 30 Minutes In a Park Each Week Reduces Depression, Hypertension


A regular stroll in a neighborhood park may reduce high blood pressure and depression, a new study has found. Hypertension or high blood pressure is a major

Heart Disease Could Be Lethal For Diabetes Sufferers, Study Warns

cardiac arrest

A new study by researchers in England suggests that having diabetes could increase a person’s risk of dying from cardiovascular diseases. It is scientifically proved that diabetes

Beware Men! Smoking May Put Your Sperm Quality At Risk


Those women who are planning to get pregnant are often advised by their doctors to quit smoking as it may affect their as well as their babies’

Exclusive Breastfeeding Makes Children Well Behaved, Brighter in School


Breastfeeding has indisputable advantages. Several studies have highlighted the protective powers of breast milk, suggesting that breastfed children exhibit a higher level of academic achievement and perform

Stair Lifts in Hospitals and Homes – An overview


If you are suffering from an injury and unable move up and down through stairs or have permanently reduced mobility, then a stairlift may be the most