Eat Apples, Lettuce, Mint Leaves to Quickly Remove Garlic Breath


Do you love pizza with extra garlic or garlic mushroom starter but often avoid having them due to the reason they produce stingy bad breath odour? Well,

Regular Physical Activity May Protect You From Bacterial Infection – Study

climbing stairs

Being physically active and limiting your sedentary behaviour, or too much sitting, every day is increasingly considered essential for your health and overall wellbeing. Now a new

Heavy Drinking May Impair Neurocognitive Skills in Older Adults


You’ve heard it a gazillion times that heavy drinking can have both short-term and long-term adverse effects on your physical and mental health. Consuming alcohol in large

Watching TV for Just 15 Minutes a Day May Hamper Children’s Creativity


Parents, keep a close watch on your kids’ screen time usage as even watching TV everyday even for few minutes can kill your child’s creativity, warns a

Stress Can Wipe Out Benefits of Eating Healthy Diet – Study


More and more people nowadays are very much conscious about their own health and fitness thereby focusing more on eating a healthy and well balanced diet. But

Feeding Peanuts, Eggs to Babies Early May Cut Their Allergy Risk – Study


Giving babies peanuts and eggs early in life may slash their risk of becoming allergic to those foods later in life, suggests a just released major review.

DNA Damage Persists Even Decades After Quitting Smoking – Study


No matter how you smoke it, tobacco is enormously harmful to human health and affects the entire body. Coughs, colds, wheezing and asthma as well as some

Removal of Rice-grain Sized Organ May Provide Rapid & Constant Drop in High BP


Today, high blood pressure (hypertension) is one of the major public health threats. This long-term medical condition can increase one’s odds of developing many health problems, such

Cheers! Beer Makes You Happier, Less Shy About Sex- Study


Drinking a glass of beer makes us friendlier, happier and more sociable in the company of others. It affects the way we see specific emotions and makes

Female Nurses At Increased Risk of Suicide, Study Finds


Women in the healthcare professions are at a greater risk of suicide, compared to women in other professions, finds a new Australian study. According to the study