Even Moderate Drinking May Cause Irregular Heartbeat


Damage to physical and mental health from consuming large quantities of alcohol regularly or binge drinking are well known. Excessive drinking is believed to cause dangerously irregular

Dietary Magnesium May Reduce Risk of Heart Disease, Stroke and Diabetes

Health benefits of dietary magnesium, dietary magnesium, mediterranean diet,

Health benefits of a Mediterranean diet are plenty, probably we all are aware of this fact. But not many of us know about beneficial effects of dietary

Grooming Pubic Hair May Increase Risk of Sexually Transmitted Infections

Grooming Pubic Hair May Increase Risk of Sexually Transmitted Infections

If you like many other men and women remove your pubic hair then you should rethink grooming hair from down there, as a new study suggests a

Sleep Loss May Increase Your Intake of Weight-promoting Foods


Lack of sleep or sleep loss has been tied to numerous chronic health conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, obesity depression, etc. Probably we all

Chemotherapy May Cause Ovaries to Produce New Eggs – Study

Drugs used during chemotherapy can significantly increase the young eggs count in their ovaries

Scientists have found treatment for infertile women in an existing cancer drug! British scientists have found that a drug commonly used for chemotherapy could help women’s ovaries

Even Smoking Just One Cigarette a Day Can Kill You, Study Warns


Cigarette smoking is enormously hazardous to health, we all are well aware of this fact. Now much evidence has come to light revealing that tobacco smoke could

Handful of Nuts a Day Cuts Your Risk of Potentially Fatal Diseases

Eating handful of nuts every day could reduce the chances of developing potentially fatal conditions such as cardiovascular disease and cancer

Nut lovers, a new study gives you another legitimate reason to munch on a handful of nuts every day! Scientists have found that eating a handful of

Cataracts May Increase Depression in Older Adults


Vision loss, cataracts, cataract formation, depressive symptoms, depression, cataract and depression Just as our physical strength our vision also decreases or changes with the age. Some age-related

Having Sex More Often May Strengthen Women’s Memory – Study


Needless to say, sex has many health benefits. Several studies in the past have proved that sex boosts immunity, increases heart rate, burns calories, improves sleep quality.

White Wine May Increase Risk of Skin Cancer, Study Warns

White Wine May Increase Risk of Skin Cancer

New evidence has come to light revealing that alcohol intake, especially white wine, may increase one’s risk of melanoma- the most deadly type of skin cancer. New