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“i.Con” – A Smart Condom That Measures Performance, Detects STIs

“i.Con" - A Smart Condom

A company in the United Kingdom claims to have created the first of its kind condom which has the potential to measure sex performance! What’s more, this

E-cigarettes Help Smokers Quit Their Addiction Successfully- Study


A number of studies have sought to assess the impact of e-cigarettes and their liquid ingredients on public health, with conflicting results. Earlier this year in February

This AI Software Can Predict Breast Cancer Risk Quickly and Accurately


In order to diagnose breast cancer doctors use a range of tests including mammograms, ultrasound scan, fine needle aspiration and core biopsy of the breast. Now scientists

New Smartphone App Can Detect Dangerous Heart Condition

cardiac arrest

There’s no denying that smartphone technology is getting smarter with each passing day. Several mobile app development companies are developing high performance, feature-packed software applications to run

This Flexible Wearable Electronic Stick-on Tattoo Monitors Your Booze Level


Engineers in the United States have invented a stick on tattoo that they claim will be able to measure a person’s blood alcohol concentration, accurately and quickly.

Electric Brain Stimulation During Sleep Could Boost Memory – Study

girl sleeping on bed

Zapping the brain with weak electric currents while asleep could enhance memory, finds a new study by the US researchers. According to the research team of scientists,

Electronic Cigarettes Contain Carcinogenic Chemicals, Study Finds


Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are a popular high-tech alternative to smoking tobacco. Multiple research have assessed the impact of vaping on public health, with conflicting results. While

Vaginal Ring Provides Significant Protection Against HIV- Study Confirms


A vaginal ring that delivers an antiretroviral drug is highly effective at protecting women from HIV, albeit used properly and consistently for a month at a time,

Cleaning Grills With Loose Wire-bristle Brush May Cause Serious Health Hazard


A good quality wire brush is priority number one when it comes to cleaning of your grill. You need to be a little extra cautious when cleaning

Ditch Those Tampons for Menstrual Cups to Spice Up Your Sex Life

menstrual cup.

Tampon users, please listen carefully! If you want a great sex life then switch from a tampon to a menstrual cup, suggests a new study. The menstrual