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Cleaning Grills With Loose Wire-bristle Brush May Cause Serious Health Hazard

A good quality wire brush is priority number one when it comes to cleaning of your grill. You need to be a little extra cautious when cleaning

Ditch Those Tampons for Menstrual Cups to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Tampon users, please listen carefully! If you want a great sex life then switch from a tampon to a menstrual cup, suggests a new study. The menstrual

Acupuncture Reduces Hot Flashes, Night Sweats in Menopausal Women

acupuncture aids weight loss

Acupuncture is already known for its therapeutic benefits, including providing relief from different painful conditions such as painful periods and headaches as well as alleviating chemotherapy-induced nausea

New Weight-loss Tool: Gas-filled Balloon That Fills Up Stomach & Curbs Appetite

In a good news for all you obese people out there who have long been struggling with their weight, scientists have created a new anti-obesity treatment that

Dinner Time Myth Busted! Eating Past 8 P.M. Won’t Make Kids Obese

A new study has debunked an age-old myth that eating late can make children obese. When it comes to dinner time, many people believe that eating the

Breakthrough! New Coil Implant Therapy May Help Lung Patients Breathe Easy

Scientists have developed a minimally invasive therapy involving coil implantation that they claim would help lung patients breathe easy. The novel therapy is a minimally invasive procedure

Researchers Find No Link Between Mobile Phones and Brain Cancer

We’ve heard it a gazillion times that cell phone use can cause tumor in brain. But fret not all you mobile phone users out there, there is

Porn That Features Safe Sex Promotes Safe Sex Practices- Research Suggests

Contrary to a wisdom belief that watching porn can have negative effects on health, a new study has found that watching internet pornography can, in fact, encourage

Laundry Pod Danger! Small Detergent Packets Causing More Injuries in Kids

Laundry detergent packets have been making headlines for quite some time now, thanks to the bad reputation these small packs have earned due to the potential dangers

Hot-air Hand Dryers ‘Worst’ at Spreading Germs Than Paper Towels- Study

Paper towels and hot air dryers are commonly used to dry washed hands. In public places, specifically, people prefer to use air hand dryers as it dries