Broccoli May Help Prevent Prostate Cancer – Study

Broccoli May Help Prevent Prostate Cancer - Study

Multiple studies have assessed the impact of broccoli on human health, with most of them revealing a host of health benefits associated with this green veggie. Now

Drinking a Cup of Tea Daily May Cut Dementia Risk

Drinking a Cup of Tea Daily May Cut Dementia Risk

Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world, excluding water. High in antioxidants and low in caffeine, this aromatic beverage has been lauded for an

Common Painkillers Linked to Increased Risk of Cardiac Arrest

Antipsychotic Drugs Associated with Higher Mortality in Alzheimer's Patients

People often reach for over-the-counter painkillers to treat painful conditions. But by doing this, they may be causing damage to their heart, warns a new study. The

Too Much Screen Time Raises Kids’ Risk of Type 2 Diabetes


Screen time is linked to greater diabetes risk in children, a new study has found. Children who spend hours watching television and staring at smartphones or tablets

Fish Oil Supplements Only Helpful After Heart Attack, Heart Failure – AHA

heart attack-fish oil supplements

Today, a stupendous number of people take fish oil supplements for a fit body, healthy heart and overall well-being. But a new science advisory from American Heart

Hair Loss, Prostate Drugs Linked to Persistent Erectile Dysfunction

hair loss drugs cause erectile dysfunction

Baldness, hair loss, hair growth drug, enlarged prostate , erectile dysfunction, persistent erectile dysfunction Adding to the woes of men losing their hair, new research suggests there

Beware, Ladies! Coloring Your Hair May Up Your Breast Cancer Risk

hair color causes breast cancer

Do you love colour your hair with different shades? Beware! Dying your hair could put you an increased risk of breast cancer, warns a new study. Hair

Early Periods May Indicate Risk of Gestational Diabetes

painful periods

The age at which puberty occurs in girls may predict their risk of developing diabetes during pregnancy in later life, found a study by University of Queensland

Brewing Coffee with Chocolate May Improve Attention Span


If you are someone who loves drinking coffee, then this is for you! A new study from Clarkson University in New York is giving a fresh reason

Soy Foods Don’t Worsen Breast Cancer, New Study Claims

breast cancer

Is eating soy foods good or bad for women’s health? The common assumption is that soy products are detrimental for women with breast cancer, thanks to the