Artificial Sweeteners Linked to Obesity, Heart Disease and More

artificial sweeteners cause obesity

A number of studies have assessed the impact of artificial sweeteners on public health, with conflicting results. Over the past decade, consumption of artificial sweeteners, such as

Eating Tomatoes Daily May Cut Skin Cancer Risk By Half

Study Links Smoking to One Type of Skin Cancer

You’ve heard it a gazillion times that health benefits of eating fresh tomatoes are plenty. A versatile fruit that acts like a vegetable contains all four major

Viagra May Help Prevent Blood Clots After Heart Stent Surgery

ABSORB stent

Stent placement is an invasive but a quite common treatment option for heart attack or angina patients. Although the drug-eluting stents are being preferred these days to

Beware Pregnant Women! Drinking in Pregnancy Can Risk Future Generations

Alcohol and pregnancy...AR0PXC Alcohol and pregnancy

A new study is giving fresh reason to fret about drinking in pregnancy. Consuming alcohol during pregnancy can risk your future generations, warns the new study. According

Resistance Exercise May Lower Risk of Heart Disease, Diabetes


We’ve long known that regular moderate aerobic exercise can lower a person’s risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and obesity. But researchers

Scientists Create Genetically Modified Bananas to Overcome Vitamin A Deficiency

banana to overcome vitamin a deficiency

In an effort to deal with vitamin A deficiency in developing countries, researchers in Australia have developed genetically modified bananas with high levels of Vitamin A. Touted

High-fat Diet in Pregnancy May Up Risk of Breast Cancer

Alcohol Ups Breast Cancer Risk for Black Women Too, Says New Study

Attention pregnant women! A new study says to stay away from high-fat diet during pregnancy as it might increase the risk of breast cancer over generations. Regular

Heartburn Drugs May Increase Early Death Risk – Study


Do you suffer from frequent bouts of heartburn or acid reflux and often pop a pill to treat the conditions? If yes, then be cautious and consult

Aspirin Use During Pregnancy May Cut Preeclampsia Risk


A couple of previous studies have demonstrated protective effects of Aspirin, linking the medicine use to the reduced risk of colon cancer, ovarian cancer and cardiovascular catastrophes

Eating Fish Can Reduce Symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Omega 3 Fatty Acids May Thrash Damaging Effects of Air Pollution

People have known for a long time that fish is the world’s best source of omega-3 fatty acids, and contains essential nutrients which are incredibly important to