Eating Fish Can Reduce Symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Omega 3 Fatty Acids May Thrash Damaging Effects of Air Pollution

People have known for a long time that fish is the world’s best source of omega-3 fatty acids, and contains essential nutrients which are incredibly important to

Broccoli Compound May Help Treat Type 2 Diabetes

metformin for pre-diabetes

Experts in Sweden claim to have found a cure for type 2 diabetes in a green veggie. According to them, broccoli offers a potential treatment option for

Feeding Eggs, Peanuts to Infants Early Cuts Their Future Risk of Food Allergy

food allergy

Parents, take note! Start feeding your newborns with cow’s milk products, eggs and peanuts early after Canadian researchers have found that delaying the introduction of potential allergy-causing

Eating Diet Rich in Refined Grains During Pregnancy Ups Kids’ Obesity Risk

refined grains and kids' oesity risk

Ladies, take note! Here’s another study revealing the side effects of eating a large amount of refined grains during pregnancy. The latest study from the National Institutes

One Night of Binge Drinking a Month May Up Women’s Risk of Diabetes

diabetes in women

Female binge drinkers, beware! Regular high alcohol consumption may increase your risk of developing diabetes later in life, warns a major Swedish study. Young women who binge

Breastfeeding May Lessen Risk of Uterine Cancer : Study

Uterine Cancer

Health benefits of breastfeeding a baby are plenty. It offers a long list of tremendous health benefits to both mothers and their children, protecting them against several

Maternal Cigarette Smoking During Pregnancy Can Damage Baby’s Liver


A multitude of studies have claimed that smoking during pregnancy is harmful to both mums and their unborn babies. Now a new stem cell study solidifies those

Drink More Coffee to Stave Off Liver Cancer, Study Suggests


If you are someone who loves drinking coffee everyday, then this is a welcome news for you. A new U.K. study has found that people who drink

Belly Fat Could Predict Risk of Developing Obesity-Related Cancer

Too Much Belly Fat, Apple-shaped Bodies Increase Diabetes Risk

Excess belly fat has already been linked to an increased risk of developing chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease etc. Now new research suggests an expanding waistline

Just One Glass of Alcoholic Drink a Day Raises Breast Cancer Risk

Alcohol Ups Breast Cancer Risk for Black Women Too, Says New Study

Ladies, beware! Even just one alcoholic drink a day can increase your risk for breast cancer. That is what a major new report from the American Institute