A Low Glycemic Diet May Reduce Risk of Age Related Eye Disease


A stupendous number of people today are switching to a low glycemic diet for heart health, fat loss, as well as for dealing with chronic conditions, such

Eating Nuts Daily Can Cut Colon Cancer Recurrence Risk


Eating tree nuts in conjunction with an overall healthy diet and regular exercise can benefit colon cancer survivors on many levels, an observational study found. The study

Respiratory Infections Raise Heart Attack Risk, Study Finds


A large number of people across the world suffer heart attacks each year. While smoking, family history, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and diabetes are the

Study Links Smoking to One Type of Skin Cancer

Study Links Smoking to One Type of Skin Cancer

Skin cancer, smoking, cigarette, heart disease , lung cancer, smoking and skin cancer , squamous cell carcinoma A new study is giving fresh reason to fret about

Eating Full-fat Dairy Stuff Does Not Up Heart Disease Risk – Study


Multiple studies have assesses the impact of full-fat dairy stuff on public health, with conflicting results. The latest in the series is a new study by international

Enzyme Pill Offers Relief to People Who Have Gluten Sensitivity

enzyme pill

People with acute gluten sensitivity can heave a sigh of relief after scientists in Sweden claim to have developed a unique enzyme pill that promises to help

Cinnamon May Cut Risk of Cardiovascular Damage of High-fat Diet

binge eating

A new study is giving fresh reason to spice up your meals with cinnamon. Results of this study show that eating this brown bark-spice may decrease the

Cracking or Popping Sounds in Knee May Point to Osteoarthritis Risk

arthritis knee

Do you hear grating, cracking, or popping sounds often in or around your knee joint whenever you bend your knee or stretch it out after a run?

Eating Omega-3 Rich Diet During Pregnancy Lowers Diabetes Risk in Kids


Omega-3 fatty acids have long been touted as a way for people to live and stay healthier, both physically and mentally. Intake of fish oil supplements and

Too Much Sunscreen May Lead to Vitamin D Deficiency, Study Warns

sunscreen and vitamin D deficiency

Sunscreen is known for protecting your skin from UV rays but overuse of it may cause more harm than good! Applying too much sunscreen could inadvertently make