Food Cravings: Sugar wins over fat!

chocDo you love milkshake? Have you thought why it is irresistible? Is it because of its rich creamy texture of fatty ingredients or its sugary sweet flavor?

The latest study reveals the main cause that draws people to crave for these tasty foods is not the fat that it contains but the sugar that lends sweetness to these dishes. This recent research by researchers of Oregon Research Institute tracked the activity in brain of over 100 high school students who were given milkshakes that were chocolate flavored which was prepared in two ways, one with a good amount of sugar and less fat in it and another with less sugar and high fat. Although, the pleasure region of the brain of the students lit up instantly while consuming the milk shakes, those who consumed high sugar showed a high-level effect, which indicated the reason behind compulsive eating.

The researchers were completely surprised when they found that sugar was a potent stimulant that it triumphed over fat even if the two were in a blended combination in large amounts. Eric Stice, Senior Researcher and Lead Author of the study, said that the milkshakes that were rich in sugar and lower in fat was the triumphant one when compared with those that had fat and sugar in the same ratio. He also added that they did a lot of study on the obesity prevention and only this study and other perspectives offered by the overall literature made it clear that the more sugar people consume, the more they want to consume it.

The latest findings also contributes to other studies about the brain that throw a bit more light on what makes people to overeat. This study results would also help in explaining why millions of people fail terribly in their mission to diet and lose weight. The foods that are laced with rich amounts of fat and sugar can light up the pleasure regions of the brain which are usually influenced by those foods with alcohol and drugs.

Nicole Avena, Faculty, New York Obesity Research Center, Columbia said that the obesity epidemic and the issue of eating excessively has a lot to do with overeating those foods with lots of sugar and fats.