Viagra May Help Prevent Blood Clots After Heart Stent Surgery

ABSORB stent

Stent placement is an invasive but a quite common treatment option for heart attack or angina patients. Although the drug-eluting stents are being preferred these days to

Caution! Contraceptive Pills May Up Breast Cancer Risk

contraceptive pills and breast cancer risk

Please take note, ladies! Excessive use of contraceptive pills can lead to higher risk of breast cancer than previously feared, warn scientists from the University of Michigan.

Heartburn Drugs May Increase Early Death Risk – Study


Do you suffer from frequent bouts of heartburn or acid reflux and often pop a pill to treat the conditions? If yes, then be cautious and consult

Redumax: An Effective Solution for Weight Loss Management


Nowadays, there are a large number of weight loss supplements available in the market, but do they really help to lose weight? Can you actually rely on

Reasons to choose Neradin

Neradin for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common sex-related problems among men, in recent times. In order to treat this sexual dysfunction men often choose different medications

Suffering From Chronic Back Pain? Vitamin D Plus Good Sleep Could Help

Junk Food May Weaken Joints, Cause Osteoarthritis

Do you have extremely painful menstruation or suffer from chronic back and arthritic pain? Well, here’s a simple solution to manage your painful conditions – take vitamin

Is Eco Slim a Reliable Fat Loss Option?

eco slim and fat loss

There are many weight loss solutions available in the market, which includes drugs, pills and natural supplements. These solutions often claim to provide you an easy way

Hormone Replacement Therapy Ups Hearing Loss Risk – Study

hearing loss

If findings of a new US study are to be believed then using hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to cope with menopause may increase chances of hearing loss.

Chronic Pain? Drink Coffee and Take More Sleep!

girl sleeping on bed

US scientists give another reason to take more sleep and brew a cup of coffee for yourself. Getting a good night’s rest coupled with coffee intake, they

Use Herbal Medicines For Kids With Caution, Study Suggests


A new study has raised concern about using herbal remedies to treat common childhood illnesses. Several mothers are giving their kids herbal medicines for Gastrointestinal disorders, or