Antiretroviral Therapy Cuts Mother-to-child HIV Transmission Through Breast Milk – Study


A daily infant nevirapine and a 3-drug maternal antiretroviral therapy are working safely and effectively at preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV during breastfeeding, revealed a large clinical

Daily Brisk Walk Better Than Vigorous Jog To Stop Diabetes – Study


If you have prediabetes or in other words, if you are at risk of diabetes, something as simple as walking briskly on a regular basis could prevent

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Best For Frying Fish- Study

Extra-virgin Olive Oil May Reverse Negative Effects of High-fat Diet

Extra virgin olive oil may be the best oil to use when it comes to frying fish, suggests a new study. Researchers from University of the Basque

E-cigarettes May Cut Smoking-related Deaths by 21 Percent – Study


Electronic cigarettes have rarely strayed from the headlines over the last few months. This handheld electronic nicotine delivery device is in the news again after a new

Eat More Home Cooked Meals to Keep Diabetes at Bay – Study


We live in a society where families eat meals outside the home a lot. The truth is, when people go out to eat they consume fast food

Taking Extra 1,000 Steps a Day May Cut Diabetic Kids’ Heart Disease Risk


Physical activity such as walking is of utmost importance for the children who have Type-1 diabetes, specifically when it comes to their cardiovascular health, indicates a new

Dieters Rejoice! Eating Pasta Won’t Fatten You, May Make You Slimmer


The question all weight-conscious people dread: Does past consumption put us at increased risk of piling on extra flab? Well, the answer is No! Pasta may not

Kids Raised By Single Moms Are Well-adjusted – Study


Children born to single mothers tend to be well-adjusted and generally grow with positive feelings about family life, finds a new study by the UK researchers. “Between

Bullying, Excessive Internet Use Up Suicide Risks Among Teens – AAP Report


Suicidal thoughts are common in older teens, and suicide incidents are increasing among this generation. Bullying and cyberbullying should be blamed for the spike in teen suicides,

‘Good’ Bacteria May Protect Women From Deadly Breast Cancer

breast cancer

The presence of good and bad bacteria in breast tissue may predict a woman’s risk for breast cancer, suggests a new Canadian study. The study by researchers