Breakfast Skippers More at Risk of Obesity Than Double Breakfast-eaters

School lunch staff and students enjoy the new school lunch menu created to meet the new standards at the Yorkshire Elementary School in Manassas, Va., in September 2012.

Researchers have discovered yet another factor possibly contributing to the childhood obesity and that is skipping breakfast! The research by University of Connecticut’s Rudd Center for Food

Alcohol Abuse Common Among Young, Unmarried Med Students, Study Finds

New Research Links Binge Drinking to Binge Eating

Medical students have greater chances of developing drinking problems, thanks to a high education debt and occupational burnout. That’s what a new study suggests. The risk is

Walking Burns More Calories Than Previously Believed, Research Finds


We’ve long known that walking is one of the simplest and easiest ways to burn calories, lose weight and become more active. Now a new research suggests

Retirees Live More Active, Healthier Life, Study Finds

Sex in Old Age: It Actually Gets Better As We Age!

Are you a retiree or going to retire soon? The common assumption is that after people get retired their lives tend to become boring and dull. But

Tai Chi May Reduce Risk of Falling in the Elderly- Study

Tai Chi

An ancient Chinese martial art form, Tai Chi can reduce risk of falling in older people, suggests a team of researchers from the Institute of Injury Prevention

Binge Drinking May Make You Vulnerable to Dying in Your Sleep- Study


Needless to say, binge drinking is absolutely disastrous for health. We have heard it a gazillion times that drinking heavily over longer periods of time can have

Hops Compounds Used In Beer Brewing Offer Hope in Fight Against Cancer


If findings of a new research have to be believed, a key ingredient in beer could help fight cancer and inflammatory diseases. Hops, the little green cone-like

Blueberries- Natural Defense Against Alzheimer’s Discovered


A team of US researchers have found a new natural defense against Alzheimer’s disease in the form of a compound in blueberries that prevent the memory loss.

Having Siblings Lowers a Child’s Risk of Obesity- Study


If findings of a latest study are to be believed, having younger siblings could curb elder brother or sister’s risk of becoming obese. In the one-of-its-kind study

Coming Soon! An Anti-cavity Pill to Fight Off Dental Cavities


Have you ever wondered, if fighting oral cavities could be as simple as popping a pill! Probably, this idea would transform into reality very soon as scientists