Hypertension? Cherry Juice May Help to Reduce High BP

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Larger Placenta During Pregnancy Leads to Bigger Bones in Kids – Study

Placental size during pregnancy matters a lot when it comes to bone development in kids, indicates a new study. Placenta is an organ that develops in a

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Experts Blame Air Pollution for Soaring Asthma Cases in India

Rising outdoor pollution levels triggered mostly by industries, construction and traffic have resulted in an increase in cases of asthma among people of all ages and groups

Want to Improve Mood, Sexual Performance? Go for Low-calorie Diet!

Oral Sex, Smoking May Up Men’s Risk of Head and Neck Cancer

You might not believe it but reducing your calorie intake may improve your mood and sexual drive, among other things. Calorie restriction has many benefits for humans,

Attention Parents! Smoking Inside Home May Sicken Your Child

Smoking cigarette is injurious to health, we all know that. Smoking in front of kids is neither safe nor healthy, we all are familiar with this fact

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Diluted Apple Juice Best to Treat Diarrhoea & Dehydration – Study

Is your child suffering from diarrhoea or dehydration? Are you looking for some home remedy to compensate for excess water loss. If yes, try a glass of