Warning! Too Many Dental Fillings May Raise Mercury Levels in Blood


Since our body cannot repair a hole formed in the tooth itself, an increasing number of people are choosing dental fillings to fix their decayed teeth. But

Eat Apples, Lettuce, Mint Leaves to Quickly Remove Garlic Breath

Ladies! Eat Fruits and Vegetables to Beat Middle Age Blues

Do you love pizza with extra garlic or garlic mushroom starter but often avoid having them due to the reason they produce stingy bad breath odour? Well,

Cheers! Beer Makes You Happier, Less Shy About Sex- Study


Drinking a glass of beer makes us friendlier, happier and more sociable in the company of others. It affects the way we see specific emotions and makes

Female Nurses At Increased Risk of Suicide, Study Finds


Women in the healthcare professions are at a greater risk of suicide, compared to women in other professions, finds a new Australian study. According to the study

Laughter-based Exercise May Boost Health in Older Adults – Study


Incorporating intentional laughter into an exercise program could improve older adults’ mental health, suggests a new study from Georgia State University (GSU). Apart from making older adults

Stress Can Decrease Your Chances of Getting Pregnant, Study Reveals

Even Recovered Acute Kidney Injury Complicates Pregnancy

High levels of stress can greatly influence a woman’s ability to become pregnant, suggests a new study. Women who are highly stressed during ovulation window are less

Women Prefer Men With Full-grown Beards For Long-term Relationships


Women tend to find bearded men more suitable when it comes to long-term relationships, but find men with stubble more attractive for short-term flings than those who

Teens Less Likely to Select Sugary Drinks With Health Warning on the Label

sugary drinks

Health warning on the label matters a lot for teenagers when it comes to buying sugary beverages, a new study indicates. Teens are more likely to steer

Regular Exercise Offsets Harms of Alcohol – Study


Here’s some useful information for those who booze regularly but are physically inactive. A new study By British and Australian researchers has found that individuals who drink

Babies Born Via C-section More Likely To Be Obese in Childhood – Study


Children born by cesarean section may be at a significantly higher risk of becoming obese than children born by vaginal birth, suggests a recent study from Harvard