Eating French Fries Regularly Can Raise Risk of Early Death

Here’s some alarming news for people who are habituated to eat french fries or fried potato snacks. Eating those fatty, greasy french fries on regular basis can

Eating Red Onions May Help Combat Cancer

Eating Red Onions May Help Combat Cancer

A group of scientists in Canada have found a naturally occurring compound in dark red onion that they claim could help in fighting cancer. According to them,

Maternal Cigarette Smoking During Pregnancy Can Damage Baby’s Liver

A multitude of studies have claimed that smoking during pregnancy is harmful to both mums and their unborn babies. Now a new stem cell study solidifies those

Using Kankusta Duo? Beware of the consequences

Kankusta Duo

Are you using Kankusta Duo dietary supplement to lose weight? Beware! This so-called weight loss supplement might have harmful component that can negatively affect your health. In

How Can Drinking Beetroot Juice Help Reduce Heart Disease Risk

obesity and irregular heartbeat

A new study finds regular consumption of beetroot juice can reduce high blood pressure and heart attack, the two common symptoms of heart disease. Beetroot, or called

Fizzy Water Triggers Hunger Hormone, Makes You Fat

Are you piling on extra flab? Stop drinking that fizzy water as it could be encouraging you to eat more and making you fat, suggests a new

Sugar Substitute Erythritol May Increase Obesity Risk

While no adverse health effects have been tied to erythritol thus far and this food sweetener is widely recognized as safe, fresh evidence has come to light

High Dietary Vitamin D Intake May Cut Risk of Early Menopause

High Dietary Vitamin D Intake May Cut Risk of Early Menopause

Needless to say, Vitamin D is essential for leading a healthy life. Now much evidence has come to light revealing yet another health advantage of this essential

Higher Intake of Yogurt May Prevent Osteoporosis in Elderly

A new study has suggested a simple yet effective therapeutic option for older adults with osteoporosis : simply increase your yogurt consumption! Osteoporosis is a chronic condition

Tequila Shots Could Promote Bone Health – Study

Tequila Shots Could Promote Bone Health - Study

Did you ever know that tequila can be good for your bones? While tequila is definitely not considered a health food, this sophisticated drink actually has some