“Healthy Foods” Make People Eat More, Become Obese – Study


If you think eating healthy can keep you fit, think again! Eating healthy in fact can make you fat, reveals a set of three studies. Binge eating

Salmonella Lives in Cookies & Sandwich Crackers for Months – Study


You will not believe it but eating cookies and sandwich crackers could kill you! Yes, this is what a new study has warned. The recent study has

Now, a Bioactive Glass-containing Dental Filling That Lasts Longer


For a perfect facial look, a nice smile matters a lot. A healthy and perfectly aligned set of pearly whites is synonymous with having a radiant smile

Secretion Rate of Antibodies in Saliva Could Reveal Your Risk of Death


Your saliva can tell us a lot about our overall well-being. But can it reveal your risk of early death? Yes, it can, claims a breakthrough research

Obese Children Tend to Have Weaker Bones – Study


It is well evident now that childhood obesity is a serious medical condition that if not tackled in time could put kids and adolescents at high risk

Night Shift Workers At High Risk of Dangerously Drowsy Driving

night shift

Given all we know consistent night shift work could have very detrimental effects on human health. A US study now has found that driving after night shifts

Link Found Between Overeating, Stress & Depression; Ketamine May Help


A team of researchers at Yale University have discovered a close link between a chronic overeating, stress and depression, and suggested a possible solution. In their research,

Study Says It’s OK to Be ‘Slim and Unfit’ Than ‘Fat but Fit’


A team of experts has busted the long-standing myth that you can be “fat but fit,” and instead suggested to be ‘slim and unfit.’ The experts say

Chronic Alcohol Use + Binge Drinking May Cause Extreme Liver Damage

New Research Links Binge Drinking to Binge Eating

Binge drinking or the practice of consuming alcohol in large amounts in a single session, is already known to contribute to a number of negative health consequences

Drinking Coffee May Lower Your Risk of Death – Study


Coffee lovers, rejoice! Yet another study suggests potential health benefit of coffee consumption. According to a 10-year U.S study, daily intake of coffee could lower death risks.