Almonds Improve Diet Quality And Make You Healthy- Study Suggests


A handful of almonds daily in the childhood is the key to good health later in life, suggests a new study. Eating moderate amount of almonds daily

Graphic Pics on Cigarette Packs May Not Help Smokers Quit- Study


Last month a study by Ohio State University had claimed that graphic images of poor oral health and deadly diseases caused by cigarette smoking have been successful

Cheers! Moderate Drinking Lowers Risk of Heart Attack, Heart Failure

New Research Links Binge Drinking to Binge Eating

Wine drinker, prepare for heartening news! Any alcoholic beverage is good for heart health, albeit taken in moderate amounts, reveals a new research. Red wine has received

Beware! Red Meat May Up Your Fatal Heart Failure Risk- Study


A disheartening news for all red meat lovers out there. Yet another study has found overwhelming evidence that red meat is bad for health! A harmful chemical

Alzheimer’s Drug Could Help Smokers Quit Smoking- Study

electronic cigarettes helping smokers quit smoking

Are you a chain smoker and now really want to kick the habit? Have you, like many others, long been trying to quit smoking by using a

Mangoes Have Anti-cancer, Anti-inflammatory Properties- Study


Good news for all the mango lovers out there! When you savor the delicious and fleshy mangoes, it creates a delightful tropical experience for your tastebuds. But,

Attention, Obese! Don’t Skip Breakfast If You Want to Stay Active

skipping breakfast- heart disease

Overweight people often miss meals in an effort to lose that stubborn body fat. But a new study now suggests obese people not to skip breakfast if

Daily High-impact Activity Helps Men Boost Bone Mineral Density

You might have often heard that daily workout gives you a firmly-toned physique with bigger muscles and smaller waists. But have you ever heard that daily physical

Fresh Evidence Shows Potentially Harmful Effects of E-cigarettes


E-cigarette is back in news! This time again for its harmful effects on human health. Usually considered as a safer and healthier alternative to conventional tobacco cigarettes,

Too Much Alcohol Allows Harmful Bacteria to Migrate from Gut to Liver

Drinking After Learning Can Boost Memory, Says Study

We all known that alcohol is hazardous for our liver health, but not many of us really know how alcohol consumption leads to liver damage. A new