Regular Caffeine Intake Doesn’t Lead to Extra Heartbeats- Study


Much to coffee lovers’ delight, drinking coffee is good for heartbeat! If you, like many other people, think consuming caffeinated products daily could cause your heart to

Exposure to Secondhand Smoke at Hookah Bars Dangerous for Workers – Study


Secondhand smoke exposure is higher among people who work at hookah bars. This is what a new study has found. According to the study by researchers at

Teens Who Use E-cigs More Likely To Smoke Regular Cigarettes Later- Study


First tobacco cigarettes and now electronic cigarettes! Smoking has increased in popularity among teens over the last several years. Now, researchers have found a strong association between

Don’t Give Up! Driving Regularly Can Prevent Dementia – Study

old woman-driving

You might have heard that some lifestyle changes including regular physical exercise, a Mediterranean diet and moderate levels of alcohol use can help ward off cognitive decline

Antibiotic Developed From Breast Milk Could Destroy Drug-resistant Superbugs

Manual breast pump and mother feeding a newborn baby

We’ve long known that mother’s milk is best for preemies as it contains all of the essential nutrients, antibodies, minerals, vitamins and trace elements required for proper

Baby in Spain Contracts Scurvy After Parents Feed Him All-almond Milk Formula


You might not believe it but feeding infants almond milk formula could be life-threatening for them. Toddlers only on the almond-based diet with no vitamin C could

Frying Veggies in Olive Oil Actually Healthier Than Boiling Them- Study


A good news for all people out there who love fried veggies! A Spanish university study has come up with some surprising findings, indicating frying vegetables is

Self-serving Water Jets in Schools Help Combat Childhood Obesity – Study

boy drinking a glass of water

Researchers have found an incredibly simple way to combat childhood obesity that has reached an epidemic level in the United States. Offer water to school children! Though

Weekend Binge Eating is As Bad For Gut Health As Regular Junk Food

binge eating

After hectic weekday schedules, we all crazily wait for weekend to relax and have fun with family. While some prefer to relax or do household chores, a

Text Messaging Can Reduce Blood Pressure, Study Claims


By now, you’ve probably heard about only bad effects of texting. For instance, texting imposes not only an interactive risk for people, but also health risks, such