Kids Who Eat Vegetables & Fruits As Likely to Eat Junk Food – Study


If you think your kids eat fresh vegetables and fruits and that will keep them away from junk food, think again, as a new study indicates that

Daily Intake of Sugary Drinks Linked to Increase in Deep Belly Fat

sugary drinks

Drinking sugar-sweetened beverages is strongly associated with a variety of illnesses, such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other metabolic abnormalities. Now there’s fresh evidence that daily

UK Health Officials Link Any Level of Alcohol Intake to Cancer


You’re probably already aware of the conventional wisdom that consuming alcohol daily is injurious to health. Now, adding more to the similar concerns is a new study

Study: Kids From Poor families More Vulnerable to Obesity


In some of the most recent research childhood obesity has been linked to a variety of reasons, such as genetic or hormonal factors, lack of physical activity,

Now, ‘Green’ Coffee Beans to Enhance Health Benefits of Brew

green coffee beans

A good news for all you coffee lovers out there! Much to coffee lovers’ delight, US scientists have invented a new method of roasting ‘green’ coffee beans

Watching Fitness DVDs At Home May Cause You Psychological Harm: Study


Working out at home with fitness DVDs may get you gym-worthy results, but they may cause you psychological harm, warns a new study. According to the study,

Want to Age Slower? Have More Kids!


Probably we all, especially women, always scare of growing old. Now a new research has suggested a new way for ladies to live longer and slow down

Long Working Hours Does Not Ruin Romantic Relationships, Study Finds


The question we all dread: Can longer working hours kill romance in our life? Fret not all you working couples out there, your long hours in the

Twins Study Shows If One Develops Cancer, Risk Increases for The Other


A recent study of identical and fraternal twins shows that twins share the same genes, and when one of them is diagnosed with any type of cancer,

Social Relationships As Important As Exercise & Diet for Better Health- Study

social life

The legendary Greek philosopher has said: “Man is a social animal,” who is born in society lives in society and dies in society. Man learns a lot