Too Much Alcohol Can Slash Women’s Chance of Conceiving – Study

Alcohol and pregnancy...AR0PXC Alcohol and pregnancy

It’s no secret that excessive alcohol consumption can lead to serious health consequences, including liver disease, heart disease and potentially fatal injuries sustained in road accidents. But

Just 10-Day Cessation of Exercise Decreases Blood Flow to Brain, Study Finds

Regular physical activity is beneficial for our overall well being, we all know that. Probably we all know that if we are not regularly engaging in appropriate

This AI Software Can Predict Breast Cancer Risk Quickly and Accurately


In order to diagnose breast cancer doctors use a range of tests including mammograms, ultrasound scan, fine needle aspiration and core biopsy of the breast. Now scientists

Concussion Recovery Time Doubles for Athletes Who Keep Playing Through Pain


Athletes who continue to play after suffering a concussion take longer to recover than those who choose to leave the game immediately after suffering a blow to

Breast Milk Sugar May Protect Babies Against Deadly Strep Infection – Study


A new study gives another reason to breastfeed your baby. A certain type of sugar found in some women’s breast milk has the potential to protect newborns

Moderate Physical Activity Can Cut Older People’s Cardiovascular Death Risk

Older people, please listen! You can slash your risk of cardiovascular death and heart attack by engaging in moderate physical activities such as walking and cycling. That

Exposure to Pollutants While Stuck in Traffic May Put Your Health in Jeopardy


Stucking in traffic jam not just spoils your mood but could up your risk for cancer as well, warns a new study. Latest research from the University

Using Facebook, Twitter Cuts Loneliness, BP, Diabetes in Elderly – Study

Senior Man Using Laptop

Being active on social media not only helps older people foster connections with family and reconnect with people from their past but may also reduce their chronic

People With Psychosis Less Likely To Get Enough Physical Activity – Study


People with a serious mental disorder, called psychosis, often engage in low levels of physical activity, which may be contributing to a lower life expectancy, finds a

Eating Citrus Fruits Could Help Prevent Obesity-related Heart Disease, Diabetes


Citrus fruits come naturally packed with heart-healthy antioxidants, probably we all are aware of this fact. But perhaps not many of us know some of these antioxidants