Vitamin D Deficiency May Raise Bladder Cancer Risk


Vitamin D deficiency can increase a person’s risk of developing bladder cancer, warns a study by Brit researchers. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient needed for strong

Want to Lose That Stubborn Fat? Eat Dinner Early or Skip It Altogether

Don’t Skip Breakfast and Eat Mindfully To Prevent Heart Disease

Obese people who are struggling hard for years to shed that stubborn flab can heave a sigh of relief as a one of its kind study has

Want to Trim Belly Fat? Add Canola Oil to Your Diet


If you are someone who fed up with stubborn belly fat and tired of doing sit-ups and crunches to no avail, then here’s the best news every

Eating One Egg Per Day Cuts Stroke Risk by 12 Percent – Study


Consumption of eggs daily has been a long-standing controversy among nutritionists and consumers alike. A number of studies suggest that eating eggs daily can have adverse effect

Milk Chocolate Gets Nutritional Benefits of Dark Chocolate


If you are someone who loves milk chocolates but afraid to eat them because they typically have higher levels of added sugar and fat, then this article

Add Eggs To Green Veggie Salad For Better Vitamin E Absorption


We’ve long known that eggs are among the healthiest foods we can eat. A recently published study now gives another reason to eat daily this exceptionally healthy

Alcohol Plus Energy Drinks May Affect Adolescent Brains Same As Cocaine


Consuming highly caffeinated beverages mixed with alcohol may have impact on the adolescent brain similar to taking cocaine, claims a new study. Adding to the growing evidence

Stroke Risk Higher for Younger Pregnant Women, Study Finds

pregnant women

Young women, take note! Those who get pregnant at a young age may be at greater risk of suffering a stroke. That’s the conclusion of a new

Horlaxen Increases Muscle Power and Improves Sexual Performance


If you are interested to build your body muscles, then you must be thinking of using some muscle gain diet supplement. It is very important that you

Temporary Oxygen Deprivation Could Cure Jet Lag- Study


Sleep disruption and jet lag can take a toll on the body of long distance travelers. Now scientists have come up with a unique idea to combat