Men, Take Note! Low Vitamin D Levels May Cause Frailty


Vitamin D is one of the most essential nutrients our body needs to build strong and dense bones in adulthood and to keep them strong and healthy

Marathon Runners May Suffer Short-term Kidney Injury

Running Actually Lowers Inflammation in Knees

Marathon runners, listen carefully! Your kidneys may suffer injury during a race, at least for a short time, researchers in the US have warned. In a small

Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual Teens More Likely Than Straight Peers to Smoke


Globally, cigarette smoking is common among young people, probably we all are aware of this worrisome fact. More worryingly, a new US study now reveals lesbian, gay

Taking Hour-long Nap May Promote Brain Function in Older Adults

girl sleeping on bed

Are you a senior citizen and a daytime napper as well? If so, make sure you take only an hour-long nap as a new study has found

Lying on Back in Third Trimester of Pregnancy May Up Risk of Stillbirth – Study


Much evidence has come to light showing how much maternal position is important for the baby’s health. Expectant moms who lie on their backs in the third

Increased Smartphone Screen Time Tied to Worse Sleep Quality


Fresh evidence has come to light revealing the detrimental effects of increased smartphone use on our health. Stress, poor eyesight, sleeplessness, concentration issues are some of the

Two Common Food Additives Linked to Colon Cancer


What food manufacturers use to maximize shelf life of processed food products may not be healthy for human health. That’s what a new study has found. A

Teen Vapers May Be More Likely to Become Heavy Smokers


Like many of us you surely have read through several studies talking about electronic cigarettes as the healthier and safer alternative to regular cigarettes. A stupendous number

Stress May Cause You to Drink More Alcohol – Study


Stress and alcohol use are closely related. Acute stress is believed to precipitate alcohol consumption. Yet, after years of research, the relationship between stress and alcohol drinking

Vitamin D Deficiency May Raise Bladder Cancer Risk


Vitamin D deficiency can increase a person’s risk of developing bladder cancer, warns a study by Brit researchers. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient needed for strong