Shocking! Diet Foods Are Actually Making You Fat

Shocking! Diet Foods Are Actually Making You Fat

These days diet foods are incredibly popular among people attempting to lose weight. You may think the weight loss friendly foods you are eating are good for

Less Sodium Intake Doesn’t Lower Blood Pressure, Study Claims

Eating less salt has been touted for years as an essential of eating a healthy blood pressure diet. But a new U.S. study casts doubt on this

Four Cups of Coffee Pose No Health Risk, Study Claims

Four Cups of Coffee Pose No Health Risk

There’s welcome news for coffee lovers! Drinking up to four cups of coffee everyday has no health risks, suggests a new study by researchers with the International

Cycling to Work May Cut Heart Disease, Cancer Risk By Half

The advantages of cycling are plenty, especially when it comes to our cardiovascular health. A new study now adds to this growing evidence, saying cycling to work

Walking Up Stairs Energises You More Than Coffee – Study

You might think drinking coffee is a great way to give yourself a quick energy boost. But you might be surprised to know that walking up stairs

Diet Sodas Linked to Greater Risk of Dementia, Stroke

diet sodas

Do you prefer a diet coke or diet sodas, as a healthy drink? The truth is: these zero-calorie beverages may be doing you more harm than good!

Oral Contraceptive Pills Negatively Affect Women’s Quality of Life

contraceptive pills and breast cancer risk

A stupendous number of women take the oral contraceptive pills to avoid pregnancy, and many of them report to experience some pretty awful side effects. Now, a

Eating Avocados May Lower Risk of Metabolic Syndrome

It is well known that consumption of avocados confers many health benefits. A new study has discovered more therapeutic properties of this humble stone fruit. A review

Prenatal Antidepressant Exposure Does Not Up Autism, ADHD Risk in Kids

Multiple studies have assessed the impact of mom’s antidepressant use during early pregnancy and autism risk among her children, with conflicting results. A new, large scale study

Junk Food May Weaken Joints, Cause Osteoarthritis, Says Study

Junk Food May Weaken Joints, Cause Osteoarthritis

A first-of-its-kind study has found a link between the consumption of high-fat, high-carb diet and an increased risk of osteoarthritis – the most common chronic condition of