Prenatal Antidepressant Exposure Does Not Up Autism, ADHD Risk in Kids


Multiple studies have assessed the impact of mom’s antidepressant use during early pregnancy and autism risk among her children, with conflicting results. A new, large scale study

Junk Food May Weaken Joints, Cause Osteoarthritis, Says Study

Junk Food May Weaken Joints, Cause Osteoarthritis

A first-of-its-kind study has found a link between the consumption of high-fat, high-carb diet and an increased risk of osteoarthritis – the most common chronic condition of

Intake of Excess Salt May Reduce Thirst, Increase Hunger

intake of excess salt

Disadvantages of eating too much salt are plenty. To be precise, intake of excess salt will make you suffer with a variety of ailments, including high blood

Cut Down on Trans Fats to Cut Heart Attack, Stroke Risk – Study

trans fats and heart disease

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in several countries worldwide. Given the increasing number of heart disease deaths, heart experts are encouraging people to take

Microwaving Tea May Be The Healthiest Way To Brew It

Drinking a Cup of Tea Daily May Cut Dementia Risk

If you are someone who loves drinking tea, then this news is definitely for you. Microwaving tea makes this hot beverage healthier by giving a significant boost

Inflatable Pool Toys May Put Kids At Cancer Risk

inflatable toys

inflatable pool toys, cancer risk, harmful chemicals , health-hazardous substances , cancer, cancer risk Mommies love to see their kids diving into the pool and having fun

Omega-6 Fats May Induce Sedentary Behaviour in Pre-teen Girls

Omega-6 Fats May Induce Sedentary Behaviour in Pre-teen Girls

Conventional wisdom says that Omega-6 fatty acids are necessary for optimal health. But a new study casts doubt on that assumption and suggests otherwise. According to the

Magnesium Supplements Could Prevent Bone Fractures in Men


Aging comes with a host of health issues and bone fractures are one among them. Now new research by UK scientists has found a possible solution to

Extra-virgin Olive Oil May Reverse Negative Effects of High-fat Diet

Extra-virgin Olive Oil May Reverse Negative Effects of High-fat Diet

Yet another study has revealed health benefits of extra-virgin olive oil! A new study of mice has shown that a compound found in extra-virgin olive oil can

Working Out on an Empty Stomach May Promote More Fat Loss


If you are a fitness freak, then you might have wondered a lot of times whether we should eat before hitting a gym or workout on an