Identical Twins Live Longer Lives Than Singletons, Study Finds


Here’s some good news for people who have a twin sister or brother. Twins live longer lives than singletons, suggests a new study from the University of

Heartbreaking! Gay, Lesbian Youth More Likely To Suffer Rapes, Violent Attacks


Lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) teenagers are significantly more at risk for physical and sexual violence and bullying than their heterosexual peers, according to one-of-its-kind nationwide study.

Drunk Young Women More Prone to Unprotected Sex – Study

drunk woman

Getting intoxicated and having unprotected sex is not a new thing but what alarming findings are made by a new study is that it is young women

Alarming! A Quarter of People Don’t Keep Intimate Texts, Photos Private


If you think that the intimate saucy text message or “sexts” sent by you to someone special will remain private, then think again! A new US study

DASH Diet Could Reduce Risk of Chronic Kidney Disease – Study


A recently published 21-year study has revealed that DASH diet can not only lower high blood pressure (hypertension) but could reduce the risk of developing chronic kidney

Hay Fever May Have Substantial Impact on Brain -Study


Don’t take seasonal allergy symptoms lightly, as they could alter your brain! This shocking revelation is made by a new study by researchers at the University of

Intake of High-fat Diet During Pregnancy May Affect Baby’s Beneficial Gut Microbes


There’s a well established evidence that what a woman eats or drinks during pregnancy is the main source of nourishment for her baby, so obstetricians and gynaecologists

Elder Kids With Autism May Up Younger Siblings’ Risk of Mental Disorder


A recent study has come up with alarming findings for people whose elder kid is suffering from Autism. According to the study findings, older kids suffering from

Obstructive Sleep Apnea May Trigger Progression of Liver Disease – Study

sleep apnea

Adult people, please listen! Sleep disorders like Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) not only affects your mood, thoughts, and bodily functions but may accelerate progression of liver disease.

Sleep Disorders Increase Stroke Risk, Hinder Recovery – Study

sleep apnea

Attention people! You are putting your heart health at risk by not getting a good quality of sleep. In other words, sleeping too much or too little