Over drunk? Its size, shape and color of glassware to be blamed!

Over drunk Its size, shape and color of glassware to be blamed!

Do you often end up drinking too much? Blame it on the size, shape and color of wine glass! According to the findings of a small study,

CDC gives the flu vaccine the thumbs up!


CDC deserves a vote of thanks! There is a market of different flu vaccinations offered by the CDC for the protection of the people. Last year, seeing

ACP releases new recommendations for obstructive sleep apnea treatment


According to new recommendations from the American College of Physicians (ACP), overweight people with sleep apnea should start losing weight and use continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP)

Vaccines offered for Hepatitis A after infection scare at Bronx restaurant


Did you dine at the New Hawaii Sea Restaurant on Williamsbridge Road in the Bronx between Sept. 7 and 19? If so, this may be for you!

Moderate Exercising Best during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time when most moms-to-be like be pampered. Good sumptuous food with a lot of rest and no hectic work forms the ideal daily itinerary

Tulsa dentist accused of exposing thousands of patients to Hepatitis C

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A dentist in Tulsa has been accused of exposing thousands of patients who visited his clinic to Hepatitis C and endangering their lives by using filthy instruments,

Alzheimer’s disease better Diagnosed with Flourescent Compounds?


Alzheimer’s is a treacherous disease that not only robs the memories of a person but is also difficult to be diagnosed. The findings in this field explain

Can timely entry into hospital save heart attack victim?

A study highlights that even if the hospitals have cut down the time to administer treatment for heart attack patients still there are many of them who

Age Related Memory Loss Reversible

Age-related memory loss reversible

Deficient levels of brain protein may actually fuel age related forgetfulness, researchers claim. Researchers have identified the brain protein, called RbAp48, that helps form memories. While optimum