Moustache: An Indicator Of Your Overall Health!

Great news for men to grow their mustache with pride! Jeff Montaigne is working towards bringing about a change in men’s health by asking them to grow a mustache. He is all set with a great fundraising team that features Southeast Georgia Health System, the Coastal Kitchen and Raw Bar to host an event called “Movember” that would be held at his restaurant at 102 Marina Drive, St. Simons Island beginning from noon to 3 pm on Saturday.

This event encourages men to grow their mustaches for a 30 days period this November as the hospital and Montaigne are teamed together to raise funds to promote men’s health and to cure those with testicular cancer, prostate cancer and mental health challenges through the Movember Foundation.

Montaigne said that there is not enough awareness among men when it is about prostate cancer as they are not comfortable while discussing things about it. He also expressed his hope that this move would help men to stay encouraged, discuss about their condition with a doctor and get it checked.

Beyond men with snazzy looking mustaches for the event, this free event will also have a bit of entertainment too. though its major focus would be mainly about creating awareness and educating the members regarding the chronic medical conditions. The event on Saturday would have a mustache contest, a live auction, a 50/50 raffle and live music performance by Ambrosius.

A health vehicle of the South East Georgia Health System Wellness on Wheels would also be there in the venue where men can get their blood pressure and blood sugar levels tested for free. Montaigne also added that this low-key event is a fun way to raise a bit of money for a noble cause. He said that it is important for men to think about the health of their prostate gland, as they get older. He also said that this event would demonstrate men’s solidarity and encourage them to get it checked and tested. Montaigne also said that they have raised $100 so far and said that he would be extremely happy if he is able to collect $1000 then he would be very happy.

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