Novo Nordisk sponsors diabetes fellowship program at Oxford University

Fellow-with-patient-750x380Novo Nordisk and Oxford University have joined hands to improve diabetes research! In an initiative that seeks to back the career  of young, outstanding researchers and expand the knowledge base in the field and treatment of diabetes, the Oxford University and Novo Nordisk declared the creation of an international fellowship program.

The alliance hosted by Oxford University and sponsored by Novo Nordisk will open up a number of postdoctoral fellowship opportunities.

Mads Krogsgaard Thomsen, executive vice president and chief science officer at Novo Nordisk stated, “We are honoured to establish the International PostDoctoral Fellowship Programme with Oxford University, which has such valuable expertise in the study and treatment of diabetes. By combining our company’s discovery and clinical development strengths with the research expertise and academic tradition of Oxford University, we can support the development of a new generation of exceptional diabetes researchers to eventually drive innovation further and improve the lives of the patients.”

As part of the accord, 12 young researchers will be presented funding for three years to carry on their study within the fields of diabetes, metabolism and endocrinology. The new diabetes fellowship program has been designed not only to assist in the evolvement of a new generation of researchers, but also to increase scientific expertise in the field of diabetes.

A committee comprising of with members from both Oxford University and Novo Nordisk will supervise the curriculum and evaluate the research proposals from scientists at both organizations. The first four fellows in the program will start in the autumn of 2014.

“This new programme will support the best young researchers doing novel work in the understanding of diabetes and its treatment. It is these early career researchers that will produce the new ideas, discoveries and advances that will improve diabetes treatment and care in the future. We’re delighted to partner with Novo Nordisk to provide this level of funding and support which will be important in enabling both their research and their career development,” said Professor Hugh Watkins of the Radcliffe Department of Medicine at Oxford University.