Parents Attention! It is about the Way Your Child Counts in the Board Games

CHESTNUT HILL, MA-Adding a different angle to a hitherto belief that playing board games effectively improves the counting skills of a child, a novel study has stated

Junk Genes Of Protein Codes Might Be Helpful To Understand Cancer

Researchers have revealed that approximately one hundred human gene regions,  also called as pseudo genes, which code the proteins might have a relationship with cancer. Generally, only

Heart risk more pronounced in cancer kids

Childhood cancer survivors are at an increased risk of heart troubles in later life. But taking corrective treatment immediately after cancer treatment can help reduce the risk,

Can coffee after lunch ruin your sleep?

Love sipping a cup of coffee after your afternoon meal? Switch to decaf if you want to get a good night’s sleep, suggest experts. According to a

Few Teen Smokers Shift To E-Cigars And Hookahs

The Center for Disease Control reports that are based on its National Youth Tobacco Survey, 2012, show a less number of teens who smoke, are choosing nicotine-based

Boys Lead By 14% Than Girls When It Comes To Preterm Birth

Latest reports on newborn health in the world reveals that boys are much likely to be born as premature babies when compared to girls. Dr. Joy Lawn,

Medical miracle: Healthy baby born to brain dead mother in Hungary

A healthy baby born from a woman who had been diagnosed as brain dead is definitely nothing short of a medical miracle! The infant born in July

FDA clears Imbruvica as treatment option for rare lymphoma

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced Wednesday that it has cleared Imbruvica (ibrutinib) capsules to treat a rare blood cancer. Imbruvica, developed by Johnson & Johnson and Pharmacyclics

New ‘breathalyzer’ to track blood sugar in diabetics!

Good news for Diabetics! The pain, the pricking of fingers multiple times a day associated with blood glucose monitoring, may soon become a thing of the past!

New Moms Choose Innovative Ways To Announce Their Pregnancies!

These days, moms to be are finding innovative ways to make announcement about their pregnancies through online sites. Be it carving on a plump pumpkin for a