Fancy a whacky spa treatment with slithering pythons?

We’ve heard of a therapeutic massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage and aromatherapy massage, but how about an exotic massage by slithering snakes to relax and

Innocuous looking swaddling may cause hip abnormalities

Apparently innocuous swaddling may cause hip abnormalities

On the face of it, the practice appears innocuous. In terms of usage, it is widely prevalent. The possible adverse consequence of carrying it out are perhaps

Woman To Get Free Facial Surgery After Being Scarred From Radiation


Lessya Kotelevskaya, the beautiful blond woman and a former successful businessperson, covers the scars of a horrible misdiagnosis of terminal cancer on her face using a bandage.

Latest Test That Detects Seven Classes Of Breast Cancer Triggers New Hope


Some UK scientists have revealed that a new test can identify seven types of breast cancer, which they anticipate to put in place within a time of

Baby-faced, 20-year-old, Brooke Greenberg breathes her last


It’s sad news my friends, the young baby faced small-sized, never aging, Brooke Greenberg, has finally succumbed to her medical woes and breathed her last. Brooke Greenberg

Can smoking make you look older?


It is no secret that cigarettes are outright bad that can have a wide range of adverse effects, medical, personal and social. Now, a new study of

Family sues Red Bull for $85 million following Brooklyn man’s death


Red Bull, regarded as the “in drink” in settings from gyms to nightclubs, to aprés-ski bars has come under intense scrutiny, following reports that a Brooklyn man

Federal Judge Blocks Controversial Anti-Abortion Law Of Texas

A federal judge blocked some parts of the latest anti-abortion law of Texas this Monday on controversial grounds. This law will close down many of the clinics

Making love helps burn calories–Study

Making love helps burn calories--Study

Various studies have established that making love helps burn calories. Now a new study has revealed that having sex enables men burn more calories than their female

Prescription drug abuse ‘downward spiral’! Enormous abusers effected

Need a “high feeling” or want quick relief from pain? The experts have stated that the latest trend to get a good feeling or relief from pain