Cell-culture transplant possible for neurological disorders


Hope for patients with neurological disorders? Opt for Cell-culture transplant!! Finally, there seems to be a ray of hope for the people suffering from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease! Experts

Targeted Breast Cancer Treatment on the Anvil

Targeted Breast Cancer Treatment on the Anvil

A new targeted form of breast cancer treatment is on the anvil. Researchers from the Children””””s Hospital Boston and Harvard are in the process of developing a

Right-Handed or Left-Handed? Genes don’t play a role

Right-Handed or Left-Handed Genes don’t play a role

Over 10 percent of the global population is left handed. Although the exact cause why some prefer one hand over the other remain unclear, genes are largely

Alcohol slows healing of bones after fractures

Close up of male with broken leg walking on crutches in hospital.   AEB3KW

A new study highlights the importance of abstinence from alcohol by patients with fractures! According to experts, binge drinking has a detrimental effect on the healing process

Vaccine refusal tied to 2010 California whooping cough outbreak


California’s 2010 lethal outbreak of whooping cough, or pertussis, the highly contagious bacterial infection that spreads from person to person through coughing or sneezing, may have been

Omalizumab is effective and safe for CSU – Study

A Novartis logo is pictured on its headquarters building in Mumbai

Drugmaker Novartis announced Saturday that its drug omalizumab was twice as effective as compared to a placebo in treating chronic spontaneous urticaria (CSU), a severe form of hives. The

Over 50s men still ignorant of cancer symptoms

Over 50s men still ignorant of cancer symptoms

Men aged over 50 are still unaware of symptoms of serious diseases than women, a new study has revealed. This ignorance makes them less likely to seek

Achieving ‘thigh gap’ potentially dangerous

Achieving ‘thigh gap’ potentially dangerous

It’s the latest fad, and it’s viral on the Internet. Looking at it from a broader perspective, the aim is weight loss; however the details reveal that

“Poop pills” to cure chronic gut infections


It may sound a trifle gross but your poop might confer health benefits! In what can be termed a revolutionary medical development, Canadian researchers have developed a

Cognitive impairment common after ICU stay—Study


Many patients admitted to an intensive care unit (ICU) of hospitals experience lingering mental deficits long after being discharged, a new study found. According to experts,  critically