Sleep – The new treatment for fears, phobias

The new treatment for phobias

  The effects of fear are detrimental. Bad memories and phobias take a toll on one’s mental health.  But sleep could be an answer for all those

Psoriasis drug may help treat type 1 diabetes

Psoriasis drug may help treat type 1 diabetes

 Alefacept, a drug used to treat psoriasis, a skin disorder, may be used in treating certain aspects of type 1 diabetes, researchers have found. Type 1 diabetes

Vaccines offered for Hepatitis A after infection scare at Bronx restaurant


Did you dine at the New Hawaii Sea Restaurant on Williamsbridge Road in the Bronx between Sept. 7 and 19? If so, this may be for you!

Care giving for Alzheimer’s will be an arduous task Report


According to a latest report, the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease will increase at the fast rate in the coming future, primarily due to an aging population worldwide.

Autopsy confirms deceased had CFD

Autopsy report confirms deceased had CFD

An uneasy calm prevails at a local hospital in New Hampshire. One of the hospital’s former patients has died. While such episodes are a part and parcel

Jerry Brown’s re-election gets finance by drug companies, tobacco giants


The drug companies and Philip Morris USA,  the tobacco giant, are getting generous and financing the re-election campaign of Jerry Brown.A campaign statement regarding the extended finance

‘Go Blue’ skywriting also scripts hefty donations for Ovarian Cancer

‘Go Blue’ skywriting also scripts hefty donations for Ovarian Cancer

Call it a challenge or call it a prank. The move has paid off as it has garnered a whopping $36,000 in donations for a cause; to

Moderate Exercising Best during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time when most moms-to-be like be pampered. Good sumptuous food with a lot of rest and no hectic work forms the ideal daily itinerary

Colonoscopy cuts the risk of colon cancer by 40%


According to a new study, a standard recommendation of colonoscopy exam, to check for abnormalities inside the large intestine with a thin tube, could save thousands of

E-Readers Helpful for Dyslexia Patients: Study


Good news for dyslexia patients!! A recent research has also come as a relief for parents whose children suffer from dyslexia. According to the research, dyslexia patients