Study underlines value of mammograms in young women

Study underlines value of mammograms in young women

A new report released on Monday found that the most breast cancer deaths occur in younger women who do not receive regular mammograms. The study, published early

Abraxane approved by FDA for late stage pancreatic cancer


Food and Drug Administration today approved the use of Celgene’s drug- ‘Abraxane’ (albumin-bound, paclitaxel protein-bound particles for injectable suspension) for its use in treating the patients that

Chobani recalls yogurt packs over mold fears

Chobani recalls yogurt packs over mold fears

Chobani, a popular brand of Greek yogurt, has issued a voluntary recall recalling some of its products following reports of mold contamination. “We won’t sugar coat it

Surgery photo leads to privacy lawsuit against doctor, hospital

Surgery photo leads to privacy lawsuit against doctor, hospital(1)

The incident may sound bizarre to some and innocuous to others. However, the event has landed a California hospital and an anesthesiologist into a  serious trouble. The

Walk to end Alzheimer’s coming Sept.15


  A lake in the Hills residents will unite for a common cause: ending Alzheimer’s disease. A walk to fight the grim battle against Alzheimer’s disease, a

Hospital-acquired infections cost $10 billion annually


If the findings of a new study are supposed to be considered, hospital-acquired infections cost the U.S. health care system close to $10 billion every year. “This

Missouri man may have knowingly infected 300-plus to HIV !


A Missouri man has been charged for knowingly spreading HIV, a deadly virus that causes AIDS. David Lee Mangum, a resident of Dexter, a small town in

Can timely entry into hospital save heart attack victim?

A study highlights that even if the hospitals have cut down the time to administer treatment for heart attack patients still there are many of them who

Sterilization methods fail! Fatal brain disease may strike thirteen


Hospitals should make sure that the surgical equipment is sterilized properly!! Massachusetts and New Hampshire saw a drearily sad day as almost thirteen hospital patients are said

Gut bacteria may help combat obesity

Bacteria harboring slim people’s gut may prove beneficial in treating obesity in peers, researchers have found. The findings are based on a series on experiments that revealed