Walking lowers breast cancer risk in post-menopausal women

Walking for an hour a day can significantly cut the odds of breast cancer in post-menopausal women, new findings have revealed. The study, conducted by the American

Inappropriate antibiotic prescriptions continue unabated – Report

Next time, think twice before giving the credit of curing your sore throat to the doctor. The doctor may have prescribed an antibiotic whereas in reality, it

Ray of hope! HIV vaccine from the feline family?

Remember a little while ago there was a study that stated that the dogs had the capability of sniffing out cancer? Well, the animals seem to be

Purposeful and reckless HIV carrier transmits infection to woman

A 30-year-old woman was irresponsibly and recklessly infected with HIV infection passed on by a man who allegedly deceived her that he was not HIV infected, confirm

Depression can triple risk of developing Parkinson’s disease

According to a novel study, the prevalence of a depressive disorder elevates the risk  of developing Parkinson’s disease (PD), an incurable degenerative brain disorder. The study found a

Blood pressure drug may improve cancer outcomes too

A commonly used blood pressure drug can also be used in combating tumors, researchers have found. Angiotensin inhibitor losartan, a blood pressure drug that is used for

Is C- Section delivery the safest method to deliver twins?

One of the most commonly adopted medical practices worldwide is delivering twins via a C-section. This method of giving birth is deemed to be safer than the

Hormone use in menopause a mixed bag: Report

If one was to identify one of the most contentious issues in medicine, one could safely pick up hormone therapy for menopause. Experts have polarized thoughts on

Tenet acquires Vanguard Health Systems in $4.3 billion deal

In a deal pegged at approximately $4.3 billion, Tenet Healthcare Corp announced that it will purchase Vanguard Health Systems, Inc.; owner of the Detroit Medical Center. As

Gentle Labrador wins heart of boy with Down syndrome

[adsenseyu1] This is one amazing video showcasing the unique, extremely strong and special human-canine bond! The video of a gentle golden Labrador befriending a reluctant boy with