Federally sponsored Anti-smoking campaign a roaring success

Anti-smoking graphic ads illustrating the adverse consequences of smokes have yielded better than expected results in the United States. As a part of the federal health authorities

‘Right Sizing’ Chemo Doses for Obese Patients Required

Obese people are more likely to contact other medical conditions including diabetes and heart ailments. The condition, slowly but surely, cripples their daily lives. Such people have

Braces can avert surgery for scoliosis sufferers

Bracing is an effective treatment, halting the progression of the curve and slashing the need for corrective surgery in patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS), findings of

Study finds statins tied to increased cataract risk

Statins, the life saving drug that lowers the risk of heart attacks or stroke by reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood, could elevate the risk

Tulsa dentist accused of exposing thousands of patients to Hepatitis C

A dentist in Tulsa has been accused of exposing thousands of patients who visited his clinic to Hepatitis C and endangering their lives by using filthy instruments,

Washington Navy Yard Shooting puts spotlight on gun debate

The issue of mentally challenged people getting access to dangerous weapons has again appeared on center stage after the deadly attack on hapless people at the Washington

Alzheimer’s disease better Diagnosed with Flourescent Compounds?

Alzheimer’s is a treacherous disease that not only robs the memories of a person but is also difficult to be diagnosed. The findings in this field explain

U.S. grants $33.2 million for preventive research on Alzheimer’s

In a move that will provide a lot of impetus for prevention of the life crippling disease Alzheimer’s, the federal government has announced a grant of $33.2

New Blood Test Differentiates Viral and Bacterial Infections; Reduce Antibiotic Use

Researchers at Duke University claim to have developed a blood test that can help determine if a patient’s respiratory illness has bacterial or viral genesis. With results

Percentage of uninsured Americans fall again

Percentage of Americans without health coverage has dropped again, for second time in a row, the latest Census Bureau report out Tuesday reported. Despite an insignificant change