Canadian woman caught smuggling cocaine in “baby bump”!

Drug trafficking is a lucrative business so people try all kinds of cunning techniques to smuggle illegal substances to rake in the profits. We have heard of instances

Stores, malls offer health insurance! Pick and Choose

Get insured say the health insurers! The Affordable Care Act or the new health law insists that the Americans who are not insured should immediately get insurance

Three factors that can ward off womb cancer!

Findings of a new study suggest that exercise, diet and coffee intake, both decaf and regular, could prove efficacious in keeping womb cancer at bay. Womb cancer,

Sanofi to Withdraw US NDA for Lixisenatide

Healthcare major Sanofi has announced that it will withdraw the new drug application (NDA) for lixisenatide in the United States. Used for treatment in type 2 diabetes,

Stem cells: Can regressed living tissue repair organs?

Can human organs be repaired without transplants? This is what the researchers are aspiring for! Spanish researchers say that they may have struck upon a novel way

Goodbye laughter lines! Botox approved to treat crow’s feet

Some good news for adults bothered by crow’s feet, the ugly tell-tale wrinkles at the side of our eyes sometimes referred to as ‘laughter lines’! Fine lines

Estrogen fuels sex drive in men too

Estrogen, the female sex hormone, is vital for the development of female sexual characteristics. The hormone is present in significantly high amounts in fertile women. While the

Medicine career a ‘million dollar mistake’?

The medical field is shrouded by the clouds of dissatisfaction! The reports say that almost half of the doctors call their decision of becoming a doctor “a

FDA issues tougher warnings on opioid painkillers

In a move designed to stem the non-medical use of prescription drugs, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is taking steps to issue safety restrictions in

FDA recalls 11 food items in last two months

Without any doubt, August and September have been high on food recalls in the US! Though measures of food safety and consumer awareness have improved enormously over