Early Periods May Indicate Risk of Gestational Diabetes

painful periods

The age at which puberty occurs in girls may predict their risk of developing diabetes during pregnancy in later life, found a study by University of Queensland

Brewing Coffee with Chocolate May Improve Attention Span


If you are someone who loves drinking coffee, then this is for you! A new study from Clarkson University in New York is giving a fresh reason

Soy Foods Don’t Worsen Breast Cancer, New Study Claims

breast cancer

Is eating soy foods good or bad for women’s health? The common assumption is that soy products are detrimental for women with breast cancer, thanks to the

Mediterranean Diet Cuts Risk of Deadly Type of Breast Cancer

mediterranean diet

Health benefits of eating a Mediterranean Diet are many, ranging from reduced risk of heart disease, certain cancers and diabetes to prevention against mental conditions like Parkinson’s

Omega 3 Fatty Acids May Thrash Damaging Effects of Air Pollution

Omega 3 Fatty Acids May Thrash Damaging Effects of Air Pollution

There is strong evidence that Omega 3 fatty acids confer lots of health benefits, particularly regarding our cardiovascular health. Eating food rich in Omega 3s- EPA and

Exercise May Help Combat Cancer-related Fatigue


Fatigue is the most common and distressing side effect in cancer patients caused by cancer treatments, such as radiation therapy, biologic therapy and chemotherapy. Cancer-related fatigue, in

A Combo of Vitamin D Supplements and Dairy Foods May Cure Bone Loss


In recent years, Vitamin D has gained a reputation as a wonder vitamin. Besides controlling calcium and phosphate levels in our body, to maintain healthy bones, it

“i.Con” – A Smart Condom That Measures Performance, Detects STIs

“i.Con" - A Smart Condom

A company in the United Kingdom claims to have created the first of its kind condom which has the potential to measure sex performance! What’s more, this

Men, Take Note! Eat Walnuts Daily to Improve Your Sperm Quality and Fertility

Eating handful of nuts every day could reduce the chances of developing potentially fatal conditions such as cardiovascular disease and cancer

Men struggling to become father due to low sperm counts or poor sperm quality can benefit from having a handful of walnuts every day, suggests new evidence.

Sleeping Too Much or Too Little May Increase Risk of Obesity


Sleeping too little is known to cause numerous health problems such as stroke, obesity and heart disease. But sleeping too much could also be damaging to health;