Depression May Raise Risk of Early Death in Women

depression leads to early death

More scientific evidence has come to light revealing the catastrophic effects of depression on humans. According to a new study from the University of Ottawa, depression is

Blood Thinning Drugs Can Almost Halve the Risk of Dementia

blood thinning drugs

Scientists have found a cure for dementia in an existing medication! Swedish researchers discovered that common blood thinning drugs have the potential to protect against this brain

Even Vaping Can Trigger Deadly Lung Disease, Study Claims

E-cigarette, Vaping Can Trigger Deadly Lung Disease

Electronic cigarettes have been widely marketed as the healthier and safer alternative to regular cigarettes. But a recent study has proven that, as opposed to the previous

Higher Vitamin D Levels in Childhood May Cut Diabetes Risk

Breastfeeding is Best But Doesn’t Make Kids Smarter - Study

Vitamin D has long been touted for its profound health benefits, ranging from combating asthma to warding off cancer and improving dental and bone health. A recent

Oral Sex, Smoking May Up Men’s Risk of Head and Neck Cancer

Oral Sex, Smoking May Up Men’s Risk of Head and Neck Cancer

This might come as a surprise for many but a recent research has found that smoking and having oral sex with multiple partners may up men’s risk

Eat a Mushroom-rich Breakfast to Maintain Healthy Weight

Eat a Mushroom-rich Breakfast to Maintain Healthy Weight

Eating mushrooms has profound health benefits, we all know that. Now the science gives yet another reason to eat soft fleshy umbrella-shaped mushrooms. A mushroom-rich breakfast could

Men Beware! Obesity Raises Your Irregular Heartbeat Risk

obesity and irregular heartbeat

It is well known that obesity is a health hazard that leads to a wide range of diseases including heart disease, diabetes, gallbladder disease, high blood pressure,

Too Much Hair Dying May Raise Breast Cancer Risk – Study

hair color causes breast cancer

Here’s some alarming news for women who love to dye their hair more frequently. Too much hair dying can put you at an increased risk of developing

Sugar Makes Cancer Tumors Worse, Study Reveals

In a major breakthrough in cancer research, scientists in Belgium have discovered that eating sugary foods can inadvertently help cancer cells to grow and make tumors exacerbate.

Energy Drinks May Cause Brain Hemorrhage

Energy drinks may be very popular among people across the world but they have lately gained a bad reputation among health experts. Some ingredients in energy drinks,