Exposure to Pollutants While Stuck in Traffic May Put Your Health in Jeopardy


Stucking in traffic jam not just spoils your mood but could up your risk for cancer as well, warns a new study. Latest research from the University

Using Facebook, Twitter Cuts Loneliness, BP, Diabetes in Elderly – Study

Senior Man Using Laptop

Being active on social media not only helps older people foster connections with family and reconnect with people from their past but may also reduce their chronic

People With Psychosis Less Likely To Get Enough Physical Activity – Study


People with a serious mental disorder, called psychosis, often engage in low levels of physical activity, which may be contributing to a lower life expectancy, finds a

Obesity Can Lead to 8 More Types of Cancer – IACR


Obesity is often associated with a host of other diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and certain kinds of cancer. Being overweight or obese is already known to

No More Painful Shots! An Oral Insulin Pill Coming for Diabetics!

taking contraceptives don't lower women's sexual desire,

In a good news for all you diabetics out there, scientists have developed an insulin pill that will spare you the pain of insulin injections! People suffering

Even Mild Brain Injury During Childhood May Up Psychiatric Illness, Early Death Risk


Parents, please listen! Even minor head injuries your child suffers while playing soccer or rugby could have devastating effects on brain years later, warns a new study.

Early Life Antibiotic Use May Up Type 1 Diabetes Risk in Kids – Study


Antibiotics are considered important drugs in modern medical arena, often proved effective in restoring health and even saving lives. However like all other drugs, excessive use of

Dengue May Prove Deadly For Heart Patients – Research


It is well known that dengue can make a person seriously sick, leaving him or her bed-ridden for weeks. But this mosquito-borne disease could be even more

Children Should Consume Only 6 Teaspoons of Added Sugar Daily- AHA

sugary drinks

Attention parents! Start keeping track of your kid’s added sugar intake as the American Heart Association has come up with new guidelines for how much sugar children

Genes That Dictate Eye Color Also Determine Your Risk For Eye Cancer


If findings of a new study are to be believed then a person’s eye colour could determine his or her eye cancer risk. A one-of-its-kind study has