3 to 5 Cups of Coffee a Day May Reduce Risk of Alzheimer’s


In a good news for all you coffee lovers out there, drinking 3 to 5 cups of coffee a day is good for mental health. This is

Diet Soda With Aspartame May Actually Cause Weight Gain

diet sodas

If you like many others have swapped your favorite sugary soft drink for zero-calorie diet soda in the hopes that it will help you to lose weight,

Depression in Teens Affects Stomach, and Anxiety the Skin


Depression not only keeps one feeling persistently sad, anxious or hopeless but can cause arthritis and stomach problems, as well. This is the conclusion of a new

Green Tea May Reduce Kidney Damage Caused by Cancer Drug


Green tea, touted as the healthiest beverage on the planet, has the potential to reduce the kidney toxicity and damage induced by the anti-cancer drug cisplatin, a

Smoking In Pregnancy, Insufficient Sleep, Skipping Breakfast Can Make Kids Obese


Attention, moms-to-be! Smoking during pregnancy may increase your newborn’s risk of being overweight as a teenager, warns a new study. The common assumption is that genetic factors

Winter Births Up Women’s Gestational Diabetes Risk


Conceiving babies in winter season may increase women’s risk of developing gestational diabetes during pregnancy, a study by Australian researchers has revealed. The new research based on

Probiotics May Help Ease Stress, Anxiety


If you are feeling stressed-out or seeking ways to reduce your anxiety, then this is for you. A new study has suggested that common probiotics sold in

Lying on Back in Third Trimester of Pregnancy May Up Risk of Stillbirth – Study


Much evidence has come to light showing how much maternal position is important for the baby’s health. Expectant moms who lie on their backs in the third

Men, Take Note! Sexist Attitude May Be Bad For Your Mental Health


New research on sexism or sexist attitude suggests men who see themselves as ‘playboys’ or feel powerful over women may be at increased risk of having psychological

Yo-yo Dieting May Take Toll On Postmenopausal Women’s Heart

Don’t Skip Breakfast and Eat Mindfully To Prevent Heart Disease

Chronic dieting, especially yo-yo dieting, takes its toll emotionally, as many of us know. But it can also do some real damage to your heart, suggests a