Women Prefer Men With Full-grown Beards For Long-term Relationships


Women tend to find bearded men more suitable when it comes to long-term relationships, but find men with stubble more attractive for short-term flings than those who

Warning! Parents May be Giving Too Much Medicine to Their Kids


A new study claims most parents unintendedly give their kids the wrong dose of oral pediatric medication, giving either too much or too little medicine to the

Ayurvedic Panchakarma Treatment Can Cut Risk of Heart Disease, Says Study


Those suffering from heart disease can benefit greatly from an Ayurvedic-based well-being program that includes yoga, massages, meditation and a veggie diet. That’s the conclusion of a

Eating Three Rashers of Bacon Ups Risk of Dying from Heart Disease, Cancer

Red meat

A new study by Swedish researchers has come up with alarming findings suggesting that consuming red meat even in small quantity everyday can increase the risk of

Transgender Teens As Likely to Get Pregnant as Non-trans Youth – Study


Sexually active transgender youth are as likely to get pregnant as general adolescent population, reveals a new, first-of-its-kind study. The study by researchers at the University of

Long-term Exposure to Pollution Ups Diabetes Risk – Study


Exposure to outdoor pollution is known to cause respiratory infections, breathing difficulties, cardiovascular diseases and even cancer. Now a new study has added another ailment to this

Playing Video Games, Tennis May Enhance Memory, Study Suggests

video games

Tennis players and video game lovers, rejoice! A new study has found that playing tennis or video games may help enhance your memory! The study has revealed

Teens Less Likely to Select Sugary Drinks With Health Warning on the Label

sugary drinks

Health warning on the label matters a lot for teenagers when it comes to buying sugary beverages, a new study indicates. Teens are more likely to steer

Early life Exposure to Antibiotics May Cause Hay Fever, Eczema Later in Life


The overuse and early-life exposure to antibiotics has been receiving a lot of attention in recent years. Multiple studies have assessed the impact of antibiotics on public

Regular Exercise Offsets Harms of Alcohol – Study


Here’s some useful information for those who booze regularly but are physically inactive. A new study By British and Australian researchers has found that individuals who drink