Patients With Arthritis Rarely Benefit from Arthroscopic Surgery

Junk Food May Weaken Joints, Cause Osteoarthritis

Arthroscopic surgery does not help most patients with arthritis – the degenerative knee damage, a panel of experts has claimed. Keyhole knee surgery performed every year on

High Dietary Vitamin D Intake May Cut Risk of Early Menopause

High Dietary Vitamin D Intake May Cut Risk of Early Menopause

Needless to say, Vitamin D is essential for leading a healthy life. Now much evidence has come to light revealing yet another health advantage of this essential

Higher Intake of Yogurt May Prevent Osteoporosis in Elderly

bone disease

A new study has suggested a simple yet effective therapeutic option for older adults with osteoporosis : simply increase your yogurt consumption! Osteoporosis is a chronic condition

Eating Full-fat Dairy Stuff Does Not Up Heart Disease Risk – Study


Multiple studies have assesses the impact of full-fat dairy stuff on public health, with conflicting results. The latest in the series is a new study by international

Tequila Shots Could Promote Bone Health – Study

Tequila Shots Could Promote Bone Health - Study

Did you ever know that tequila can be good for your bones? While tequila is definitely not considered a health food, this sophisticated drink actually has some

Hormone Replacement Therapy Ups Hearing Loss Risk – Study

hearing loss

If findings of a new US study are to be believed then using hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to cope with menopause may increase chances of hearing loss.

Chronic Pain? Drink Coffee and Take More Sleep!

girl sleeping on bed

US scientists give another reason to take more sleep and brew a cup of coffee for yourself. Getting a good night’s rest coupled with coffee intake, they

Enzyme Pill Offers Relief to People Who Have Gluten Sensitivity

enzyme pill

People with acute gluten sensitivity can heave a sigh of relief after scientists in Sweden claim to have developed a unique enzyme pill that promises to help

Cinnamon May Cut Risk of Cardiovascular Damage of High-fat Diet

binge eating

A new study is giving fresh reason to spice up your meals with cinnamon. Results of this study show that eating this brown bark-spice may decrease the

Cracking or Popping Sounds in Knee May Point to Osteoarthritis Risk

arthritis knee

Do you hear grating, cracking, or popping sounds often in or around your knee joint whenever you bend your knee or stretch it out after a run?