Eat More Home Cooked Meals to Keep Diabetes at Bay – Study


We live in a society where families eat meals outside the home a lot. The truth is, when people go out to eat they consume fast food

Prospect of Photo Booth Props Business

photo booth props

The rising trend of photo booth in parties, events and social occasions has led to the arrival of tons of photo booth service providing companies. However, this

Attention, Weight Loss Enthusiasts! Revoten Too Has Its Fair Share of Downsides!

Losing extra body weight and getting rid of cellulite or fat deposits may be the toughest thing to achieve. There are several weight loss methods such as

Taking Extra 1,000 Steps a Day May Cut Diabetic Kids’ Heart Disease Risk


Physical activity such as walking is of utmost importance for the children who have Type-1 diabetes, specifically when it comes to their cardiovascular health, indicates a new

Now, A Food Supplement to Curb Your Cravings for Junk Food


Do you often get cravings for junk food? Do you feel unable to control your consumption of high-calorie foods like pizza, burger and doughnut, despite knowing that

Dieters Rejoice! Eating Pasta Won’t Fatten You, May Make You Slimmer


The question all weight-conscious people dread: Does past consumption put us at increased risk of piling on extra flab? Well, the answer is No! Pasta may not

Kids Raised By Single Moms Are Well-adjusted – Study


Children born to single mothers tend to be well-adjusted and generally grow with positive feelings about family life, finds a new study by the UK researchers. “Between

Coffee in Moderation Has More Health Benefits Than Bad Effects – Study


In a good news for all you coffee lovers out there, researchers at Ulster University in the UK have suggested drinking coffee in moderate amounts is not

New Testosterone Therapy May Boost Older Men’s Sex Drive

Sex in Old Age: It Actually Gets Better As We Age!

Millions of older men who have lost their sex drive continue to live with the condition, often not knowing there’s a fix for this sexual dysfunction! A

Paracetamol in Pregnancy May Up Autism, ADHD Risk in Kids – Study


Pregnant moms, listen carefully! If paracetamol is your preferred pain relief medication then you’ll certainly not please to know that by doing so you may be increasing