Teens Less Likely to Select Sugary Drinks With Health Warning on the Label

sugary drinks

Health warning on the label matters a lot for teenagers when it comes to buying sugary beverages, a new study indicates. Teens are more likely to steer

Early life Exposure to Antibiotics May Cause Hay Fever, Eczema Later in Life


The overuse and early-life exposure to antibiotics has been receiving a lot of attention in recent years. Multiple studies have assessed the impact of antibiotics on public

Regular Exercise Offsets Harms of Alcohol – Study


Here’s some useful information for those who booze regularly but are physically inactive. A new study By British and Australian researchers has found that individuals who drink

Elevated Thyroid Hormone Levels Raise Sudden Cardiac Death Risk

cardiac arrest

Elevated thyroid hormone levels are already known to result in several serious complications like severe depression, coma and different heart conditions, ranging from an irregular heartbeat to

Babies Born Via C-section More Likely To Be Obese in Childhood – Study


Children born by cesarean section may be at a significantly higher risk of becoming obese than children born by vaginal birth, suggests a recent study from Harvard

Oral Contraceptives, HRT Scare Lead to Fall in Global Ovarian Cancer Death Rate

birth-control pills

A new study has found deaths from ovarian cancer dropped worldwide between 2002 and 2012, thanks to the widespread use of oral contraceptives. If the study is

Increased Physical Activity Reduces Depression, Anxiety in COPD Patients- Study


Increased physical activity could reduce risk of anxiety as well as depression in patients with a type of lung disease, called chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a

Reduced Fetal Size May Up Risk of Asthma in Children – Study


A new study done in the UK has found a link between reduced fetal size and elevated asthma risk and reduced lung function in children. The study

Learning Foreign Languages Can Make Your Brain Work Faster – Study


Learning foreign languages sharpens our brain as it enhances the brain’s elasticity and improves its ability to code information, suggests a new study. The study by scientists

Yoga, Tai Chi, Acupuncture May Help Manage Some Chronic Pains

Tai Chi

Are you suffering from chronic back pain which is unmanageable with painkillers? Don’t despair! There’s a non-drug treatment available on the horizon that can effectively relieve aches