‘Bad Cholesterol’ Buster Barley Holds Key to Better Heart Health


Our body needs healthy levels of cholesterol to function properly. However high levels of this fatty substance (lipid) found in every cell in our body can increase

Being Married May Up Your Chances of Winning Battle Against Cancer


A happy marriage helps a couple increase their earnings, improve quality of life apart from warding off their feelings of loneliness and giving them a lifelong companionship.

Late-term Kids Have Better Cognitive Skills, But Worse Physical Health


We have often heard of serious health complications preterm babies could face later in life. A latest study has now revealed how advantageous it is to have

Dietary Copper Could Help Fight Flab, Burn Fat – Study Finds

Health benefits of dietary magnesium, dietary magnesium, mediterranean diet,

Copper is already deemed as an essential nutrient for human health, and now scientists have found yet another health benefit pertaining to the intake of copper in

Diet, Exercise Can Double Cancer Patients’ Chances of Survival – Study

Running Actually Lowers Inflammation in Knees

Newly diagnosed cancer patients should exercise and stick to a diet regimen, as much evidence has come to light revealing that shedding pounds is the best way

Green Tea Compound Could Help Treat Down’s Syndrome – Study


Green tea leaves have been in use in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine for centuries for treating everything from headaches and skin diseases to stress and depression.

Exposure to Loud Sounds Ups Permanent Hearing Damage in Youth, Study Warns

rap music

Listening to music at high volume can have damaging effects on our ears, leading to hearing loss and tinnitus, probably we all know that! Much evidence has

Serving Wine in Larger Glasses Entice People to Drink More, Study Reveals


Size does matter, at least when it comes to wine glasses, indicates a new study by Cambridge University researchers. The study claims that a bigger wine glass

Eating Healthy Fats Won’t Make You Fat, Study Reveals

mediterranean diet

For years we’ve been told to eat plenty of high-fat foods if weight gain is a priority for us. But a recent study suggests that might not

Bariatric (weight-loss) Surgery Cuts Obese People’s Risk of Early Death


Today, a stupendous number of people around the globe are suffering from obesity. Given that obesity is a burgeoning health issue and a key contributor to some