Use Herbal Medicines For Kids With Caution, Study Suggests


A new study has raised concern about using herbal remedies to treat common childhood illnesses. Several mothers are giving their kids herbal medicines for Gastrointestinal disorders, or

Swearing Out Loud During Exercise Boosts Strength and Stamina – Study


Swearing out loud while working out in gym can improve your muscle strength and stamina, a new study has revealed. According to the study, conducted by a

Eating Omega-3 Rich Diet During Pregnancy Lowers Diabetes Risk in Kids


Omega-3 fatty acids have long been touted as a way for people to live and stay healthier, both physically and mentally. Intake of fish oil supplements and

Add Avocados to Your Diet If You Want to Lose Those Extra Kilos

Add Avocados to Your Diet If You Want to Lose Those Extra Kilos

Adding avocados to your diet is a wise idea if you’re trying to shed those extra kilos, suggests a new study published recently in the journal Internal

Crave Sweets? A Liver Hormone May Be the Culprit


Those who consume too much sugar can blame a liver hormone for their sweet tooth! Scientists at the University of Copenhagen claim to have have found that

‘Club Drug’ Ketamine Can Help Treat Depression, Study Finds


Here’s heartening news for patients suffering from chronic stress or severe depression. The depressed patients whose attempts to alleviate depression or boost their mood proved to be

Too Much Sunscreen May Lead to Vitamin D Deficiency, Study Warns

sunscreen and vitamin D deficiency

Sunscreen is known for protecting your skin from UV rays but overuse of it may cause more harm than good! Applying too much sunscreen could inadvertently make

Gluten-free Diets May Raise Heart Disease Risk in People Without Celiac Disease

trans fats and heart disease

More and more people these days are choosing to abstain from gluten even if they don’t suffer from celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. Such people believe going

Regular Use of Low-dose Aspirin May Cut Breast Cancer Risk


We’ve long known that aspirin slashes the risk of cardiovascular catastrophes such as sudden cardiac arrest, heart attack and stroke. Now a new study has revealed another

Alcohol Ups Breast Cancer Risk for Black Women Too, Says New Study

Alcohol Ups Breast Cancer Risk for Black Women Too, Says New Study

Link between alcohol and breast cancer risk is well established by several studies in the past. But most of those studies have been conducted in mainly white