Eating French Fries Regularly Can Raise Risk of Early Death


Here’s some alarming news for people who are habituated to eat french fries or fried potato snacks. Eating those fatty, greasy french fries on regular basis can

Diabetics, Take Note! Going Vegetarian Can Help You Lose Weight


Losing weight isn’t easy at all, and especially for people suffering from diabetes it could be a more daunting task. But a recent US study has proposed

Feeding Eggs, Peanuts to Infants Early Cuts Their Future Risk of Food Allergy

food allergy

Parents, take note! Start feeding your newborns with cow’s milk products, eggs and peanuts early after Canadian researchers have found that delaying the introduction of potential allergy-causing

Eating Red Onions May Help Combat Cancer

Eating Red Onions May Help Combat Cancer

A group of scientists in Canada have found a naturally occurring compound in dark red onion that they claim could help in fighting cancer. According to them,

Eating Diet Rich in Refined Grains During Pregnancy Ups Kids’ Obesity Risk

refined grains and kids' oesity risk

Ladies, take note! Here’s another study revealing the side effects of eating a large amount of refined grains during pregnancy. The latest study from the National Institutes

One Night of Binge Drinking a Month May Up Women’s Risk of Diabetes

diabetes in women

Female binge drinkers, beware! Regular high alcohol consumption may increase your risk of developing diabetes later in life, warns a major Swedish study. Young women who binge

An Egg A Day May Help Infants Grow Taller – Study

an egg a day help kids grow taller

Parents, take note! Eating an egg a day can help your children stay healthy and grow taller, suggests a new study by experts from the Washington University

Washing Hands with Cold Water Kills as Many Germs as Hot Water

antimicrobial chemicals in soaps

The common assumption is that hot water is better than cold water for effective handwashing. But a new study casts doubt on that assumption, and instead suggests

Breastfeeding May Lessen Risk of Uterine Cancer : Study

Uterine Cancer

Health benefits of breastfeeding a baby are plenty. It offers a long list of tremendous health benefits to both mothers and their children, protecting them against several

Maternal Cigarette Smoking During Pregnancy Can Damage Baby’s Liver


A multitude of studies have claimed that smoking during pregnancy is harmful to both mums and their unborn babies. Now a new stem cell study solidifies those