A Common Antibiotic Shows Promise in Treating PTSD


Antibiotics help people get through so many illnesses, albeit they are used appropriately. Ideally, antibiotics are considered one of the great advances in modern medicine, having potential

Long-term Antibiotic Use May Up Bowel Cancer Risk

Antipsychotic Drugs Associated with Higher Mortality in Alzheimer's Patients

You might have often heard that taking antibiotics too often can be harmful for health. It is suggested that long-term antibiotic use can result in the complications

Men, Take Note! Low Vitamin D Levels May Cause Frailty


Vitamin D is one of the most essential nutrients our body needs to build strong and dense bones in adulthood and to keep them strong and healthy

Binge Drinking Even Before Pregnancy May Up Diabetes Risk in Kids

Binge Drinking Even Before Pregnancy May Up Diabetes Risk in Kids

Women, take note! You can make your kids more vulnerable to diabetes if you binge drink even before becoming pregnant, warns a new study. The study actually

Prolonged Sleep Disturbances May Lead to Bone Loss in Men


Men, take note! Prolonged sleep disturbances such as those associated with shift work or jet lag may increase your risk of bone loss, warns a new study.

Exposure to Common Plastic Chemical May Up Breast Cancer Risk

breast cancer

Further evidence has come to light revealing that exposure to chemicals leak out of plastic materials is harmful for health. Findings of a new study underscore the

Eating Peanuts Every Day May Cut Heart Disease Risk

trans fats and heart disease

Benefits of eating peanuts are plenty! One should include these plain brown shells frequently in their routine meals after a new study has found that eating peanuts

Breastfeeding is Best But Doesn’t Make Kids Smarter – Study

Breastfeeding is Best But Doesn’t Make Kids Smarter - Study

Needless to say, breastfeeding has lots of physical and emotional benefits for both babies and their mothers. The common assumption is that besides promoting bonding between mother

Marathon Runners May Suffer Short-term Kidney Injury

Running Actually Lowers Inflammation in Knees

Marathon runners, listen carefully! Your kidneys may suffer injury during a race, at least for a short time, researchers in the US have warned. In a small

Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual Teens More Likely Than Straight Peers to Smoke


Globally, cigarette smoking is common among young people, probably we all are aware of this worrisome fact. More worryingly, a new US study now reveals lesbian, gay