Caution! Mercury in Fish May Up Risk of Neurological Disease


Eating fish and seafood that are laden with mercury may increase risk of a progressive neurodegenerative disease called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), warns a just released preliminary

Children 40 Percent Likely to Inherit Obesity From Their Parents


Those who are overweight or obese may blame their parents for their condition as a new international study has discovered that obesity can be inherited from parents.

Gluten-free Foods May Contain Higher Toxic Metals – Study


People who have a gluten-intolerance or who are living with coeliac disease are strongly advised to take a gluten-free diet for life. But a new study has

Just 30-Minute Walk Can Improve Quality of Life For Cancer Patients


Walking, an ideal low-impact exercise, is universally recognized as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. It is widely believed that a regular walking habit slashes risk

Shocking! Clean Drinking Water May Increase Baby’s Asthma Risk

boy drinking a glass of water

You might not believe it but zero pollution and clean drinking water could be a health hazard for your children! If findings of a new study are

Chocolates, Chewing Gums Can Do More Harm Than Rotting Your Teeth


If you are someone who loves eating chocolates and chewing gums, then this is for you. Eating candies, chocolates, bubblegums and lollipops are not only damaging to

Too Much Belly Fat, Apple-shaped Bodies Increase Diabetes Risk

Too Much Belly Fat, Apple-shaped Bodies Increase Diabetes Risk

Everyone has some fat in one or another part of their body such as right under the skin or deeper inside, around your middle or heart, lungs,

Married People Live Stress-free, Healthier Life


Do you want to live a happy stress-free life? Who doesn’t want? Here’s the good news! You don’t have to do meditation daily, do yoga or go

Eat More Prebiotics To Reduce Stress-induced Sleep Problems


Probably all consumers know about the potential benefits of prebiotics pertaining to our health, especially our digestive health. Now a new study has revealed yet another positive

Smoking During Pregnancy May Cause Hearing Problems in Kids


We’ve long known that cigarette smoking during pregnancy is harmful to both mum and baby. Besides miscarriage and stillbirth, smoking while pregnant may increase a woman’s risk