Drink More Coffee to Stave Off Liver Cancer, Study Suggests


If you are someone who loves drinking coffee everyday, then this is a welcome news for you. A new U.K. study has found that people who drink

Belly Fat Could Predict Risk of Developing Obesity-Related Cancer

Too Much Belly Fat, Apple-shaped Bodies Increase Diabetes Risk

Excess belly fat has already been linked to an increased risk of developing chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease etc. Now new research suggests an expanding waistline

Just One Glass of Alcoholic Drink a Day Raises Breast Cancer Risk

Alcohol Ups Breast Cancer Risk for Black Women Too, Says New Study

Ladies, beware! Even just one alcoholic drink a day can increase your risk for breast cancer. That is what a major new report from the American Institute

Redumax: An Effective Solution for Weight Loss Management


Nowadays, there are a large number of weight loss supplements available in the market, but do they really help to lose weight? Can you actually rely on

Reasons to choose Neradin

Neradin for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common sex-related problems among men, in recent times. In order to treat this sexual dysfunction men often choose different medications

Probiotics May Lower Symptoms of Depression


Battling depression is now as simple as adding food rich in probiotics such as yogurts to your diet, a new study indicates. The novel study suggests that

Suffering From Chronic Back Pain? Vitamin D Plus Good Sleep Could Help

Junk Food May Weaken Joints, Cause Osteoarthritis

Do you have extremely painful menstruation or suffer from chronic back and arthritic pain? Well, here’s a simple solution to manage your painful conditions – take vitamin

Using Kankusta Duo? Beware of the consequences

Kankusta Duo

Are you using Kankusta Duo dietary supplement to lose weight? Beware! This so-called weight loss supplement might have harmful component that can negatively affect your health. In

Is Eco Slim a Reliable Fat Loss Option?

eco slim and fat loss

There are many weight loss solutions available in the market, which includes drugs, pills and natural supplements. These solutions often claim to provide you an easy way

Want to Prevent Irregular Heartbeat? Chocolate May Cut the Risk

Frequent use of over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen may increase the risk of hearing loss among women

Chocoholics rejoice! Here’s yet another good reason to indulge in chocolate. A Danish study has established an association between consuming chocolate daily and reduced risk of atrial