Electronic Cigarettes Linked to Helping Smokers Kick the Habit

electronic cigarettes helping smokers quit smoking

Finally, an increase in the smoking cessation rate is seen in the United States and a new study suggests electronic cigarettes may be attributed to this reduction

Drinking After Learning Can Boost Memory, Says Study

Drinking After Learning Can Boost Memory, Says Study

You might have heard a lot of times that too much intake of alcoholic beverages can take a serious toll on your health. Several studies have shown

Sugary Drinks With High-protein Meals May Make You Fat, Study Warns

A recently published study states that consuming sugar-sweetened drinks along with high-protein meals such as lean meat, chicken, fish and dairy products can have negative effects on

Most Boxed Mac and Cheese Contain Toxic Chemicals, Study Warns

toxic chemicals in mac and cheese

Here is an alarming piece of news for people who frequently long for boxed macaroni and cheese as they are one of the tastiest and simplest foods

Artificial Sweeteners Linked to Obesity, Heart Disease and More

artificial sweeteners cause obesity

A number of studies have assessed the impact of artificial sweeteners on public health, with conflicting results. Over the past decade, consumption of artificial sweeteners, such as

Drinking Fermented Milk May Help Cancer Survivors

Drinking Fermented Milk May Help Cancer Survivors

The consumption of fermented foods has long believed to have so many health benefits. A new study is now giving fresh reason why you should eat them

Eating Tomatoes Daily May Cut Skin Cancer Risk By Half

Study Links Smoking to One Type of Skin Cancer

You’ve heard it a gazillion times that health benefits of eating fresh tomatoes are plenty. A versatile fruit that acts like a vegetable contains all four major

Viagra May Help Prevent Blood Clots After Heart Stent Surgery

Stent placement is an invasive but a quite common treatment option for heart attack or angina patients. Although the drug-eluting stents are being preferred these days to

Two Studies Find Drinking More Coffee May Extend Lifespan

Java drinkers, rejoice! Much evidence has come to light revealing the health benefits associated with regular consumption of coffee. Drinking more coffee could give you a longer

Beware Pregnant Women! Drinking in Pregnancy Can Risk Future Generations

A new study is giving fresh reason to fret about drinking in pregnancy. Consuming alcohol during pregnancy can risk your future generations, warns the new study. According