Sex Life Gets Better After Childbirth – Survey Finds

couple1If you are a happily married woman but delaying having kids because you believe that post childbirth your sex life will be ruined, then think again!

You might not believe it but lovemaking gets more passionate after having children, suggests a new research.

Post childbirth, the passion of sex comes with a new vigour and vitality, enabling a couple to enjoy the act of lovemaking more and lead a pleasing sexual life.

The findings are based on a survey conducted by the Britain-based parenting site Channel Mum. Nearly 1,120 couples with children participated in the survey, 94 percent of whom reported to be satisfied with their sex lives and 57 percent reported that their sexual activities actually got better after childbirth.

Most of the participating couples still found their sex lives satisfying even though the quantity of sex declined after giving birth to children. In the survey, 58 percent couples reported to experience a decline in the frequency of sex and only 28 percent said they experience an increase in frequency. Furthermore, more than 80 percent of the respondents said they focus more on the quality of sex rather than the quantity after giving birth, which made their sex lives more satisfying despite the drop in quantity.

What’s more? Contrary to most women’s assumption that the motherhood would take a toll on their body and their partner would find them unattractive after childbirth, the findings of the survey showed that men actually prefer their spouse’s post-birth figure as it is sexually more attractive, curvy and fuller. Just 14% of new mothers feel body confident after giving birth, the survey results showed.

“Having a baby is the biggest change you can bring into a relationship, so it is wonderful to see it can bring couples closer together rather than drive them apart,” said Siobhan Freegard, founder of Channel Mum.

The research showed that couples usually wait for 58 days after giving birth before they engage again in sexual intercourse, with men reported to be more keen to return to the bedroom again after the wait than women. The fathers want to indulge in sexual intercourse twice a week on average, while mothers remain stick to sex just once a week, the survey showed.