Want to Trim Belly Fat? Add Canola Oil to Your Diet

If you are someone who fed up with stubborn belly fat and tired of doing sit-ups and crunches to no avail, then here’s the best news every for you.

A recently released study by researchers at Penn State showed startling evidence that people struggling with belly fat can get rid of that unwanted jelly around their belly in few weeks just by adding canola oil to their diet.

The Penn State researchers suggested that simply swapping your regular cooking oil for canola oil, which is high in monounsaturated fatty acids, can help to reduce extra body fat in the abdomen region in as little as four weeks.

“Visceral, or abdominal, fat increases the risk for cardiovascular disease, and is also associated with increased risk for conditions such as metabolic syndrome and diabetes,” Penn State nutrition professor Penny Kris-Etherton said. “Monounsaturated fats in canola oil decrease this fat that has adverse health effects.”

Fat in the abdomen region is often considered more dangerous than fat in the body as it remains closer to heart and other vital body organs, increasing your chance of suffering serious health problems, such as cardiovascular disease.

Made from a hybrid of the rapeseed plant, canola oil is commended for its heart healthy benefits and is widely used for cooking and baking. This oil is low in saturated fats, and high in the omega-3 fatty acids and other monounsaturated fats that help cardiovascular system to function healthily.

“As a general rule, you can’t target weight loss to specific body regions,” Kris-Etherton added. “But monounsaturated fatty acids seem to specifically target abdominal fat.”

For the study, Kris-Etherton and colleagues analyzed 101 volunteers with abdominal obesity or increased waist circumference. All the obese participants were given two smoothies to drink each day.

The study subjects were randomly assigned to follow each of the treatment oil diets – conventional canola, high-oleic acid canola, high-oleic acid canola with DHA (a type of omega-3 fatty acid), a corn/safflower oil blend and a flax/safflower oil blend, for four weeks.

Researchers found, after adhering to a healthy diet that included canola oil for four weeks, participants had on average .11 kilograms, or a quarter of a pound, less belly fat than they did have before they started the diet. What’s more, the weight was not redistributed to other areas of the body, they found.

While the current outcome is promising, the researchers stress more research is required to get better insight into the long-term effects of following a diet enriched with monounsaturated fatty acids such as canola oil.

The study was presented at The Obesity Society’s Annual Scientific Meeting.